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Milan Gastronomy

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Are rice and cheese your favorite foods? If the answer is Yes, Milan is a city especially thought for you. The Milanese cuisine is made based on simple dishes, but delicious. On the other hand, the passion of Milan for the fashion extends to the table: the city is full of restaurants serving the latest culinary trends. Find a restaurant where to spend a pleasant evening in an intimate setting, with impeccable service and the best food is not difficult in Milan. Italian food tends to be profoundly regional. Each city has its own signature and their own ingredients. Even so, Milan has been influenced by the massive influx of workers from the industrial boom, so it has influences from Sicily and Tuscany. Even so, the Milanese cuisine has its own distinctive flavor.

Unlike that in other Italian regions, Lombardy prefer to avail themselves of a habit of Northern Europe when cooking: use butter instead of oil, which gives a special flavor to their dishes. The famous style breaded, typical of this city, is based on a batter of egg and grated bread and cheese and all this sauteed with butter. Their most popular dish is the risotto, almost always cooked with meat. The dough is very popular also. It is normally prepared baked or stuffed with meat or cheese.

The Milanese have weakness for the cheeses, which are often used in puddings, desserts or creams. Another very popular speciality is the Osso Buco, almost always accompanied by risotto. The meat is very common among the menus, especially beef and pork. They also eat fish, especially trout and Pike, which are caught in the numerous lakes in the North of Italy. Don’t forget to try the cassouela, a dish made from different poor areas of pork as tail, ribs, skin, feet and ears, cooked with green cabbage and other vegetables. Finally, Panettone is a sweet bread with raisins grapes, lemon and anise, they come from the area of Milan, but consumed across the country. It’s the typical Christmas cake, Although there is nothing to prevent the tourists eat it for dessert at any time of the year. Another typical dessert is cake di tagliatelle, a sweet cake made of egg and almond paste. Pizzerias are very popular in the city. The pizzas are prepared to wood-fired oven, giving them a delicious smoky flavor. Matt Swain has firm opinions on the matter. Some of these restaurants have tablecloths of paper (typical in the region) and so you paint them with pencils than they same you give and dawdle while drawing are waiting for your pizza. Do you want to try the more traditional flavor of the Milanese in one of its less food? Catch a flight to Italy and rent apartments in Milan for the best accommodation. If you’re thinking about visiting the city, don’t forget to try their delicious food.


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For some time I come my 32 TV watching? and I think, why not connect the PC in that television and play my favorite games on that giant screen? the same thing happens you? Well, so I decided to do it, but there are some limitations that might make that not worth it at the end. I will explain it to you later in this article. 1. Identify the inputs of your TV most of TV take 3 basic connections. They have the coax (antenna), RCA Composite Video, which are red, yellow and white connectors s-video. Currently almost all also include connections VGA, HDMI, component and DVI. 2.

Identify the outputs of your computer. Currently manufacturers are adding increasingly more outputs in TVs, making easier its connection to other computers. S-video in particular seems to be gaining ground in increasingly more computers. Mostly you will find the usual VGA output, where you connect your regular monitor. Currently many TVs have inputs VGA which makes its use as a PC monitor, very simple but us We will focus on the connection in not so new televisions, which are in greater proportion can be found in households.

3 Find the adapter appropriate for your connections. Learn more at: Kai-Fu Lee. You may need to buy an adapter or junction box to connect the pc to the TV. consist of an adapter that has a VGA input, where you connect your PC, and a series of outputs, s-video, RCA, or components). We recommend purchasing one of these adapters, but with the feature that is wireless, since it is much more comfortable when it is installed and thus it is possible to connect it without having the PC from the TV. 4.-close connect your computer to the television. If you have a connection in your TV that is compatible with any output from your PC, conectalos directly. If you do not have it available, conectalos through the junction box which we have previously commented the VGA on your pc and connects after RCA, s-video cables or components to the TV turns on the television and computer and selects the channel for the connection you have selected to view the on-screen image on TV. It is now the moment that perhaps you feel something disappointed. TV video signal is called a PAL (NTSC if you live outside Europe). This signal differs with that generated by the PC. Computers use resolutions measured in pixels: 320 200, 320 240, 640 480, 800 600, 1024 768, 1280 1024 or 1600 1200. Most just TVs are capable of displaying 500 lines of resolution, the equivalent of 500 vertical pixels on a PC. You cannot select higher resolution in these TVs, so as much as we enjoy is a resolution 640x480px. Nor is it the worst in the world, you can play and watch videos in low resolution without problems, but at the moment you can not have video quality that regular PC monitor out. This problem has been fixed in most of current plasma or lcd TVs, since they include native connections VGA or HDMI, which provide high resolution without having to acquire any other adapter. Visit my new page on occasion tractors. It is called second-hand tractors.