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Mobile High Definition

Posted by Juan on January 4, 2016 with Comments Closedas ,

Acer has introduced to the public a new series of notebook Acer Aspire 6920, providing unparalleled mobile multimedia experiences high resolution. In the wake of success of the first line of notebook Acer Aspire Gemstone, announced in May 2007, Acer has developed a revolutionary new concept laptop, which embodies the best features of the first series of Gemstone – exclusive design, innovative materials, the original texture surface enhanced sound Dolby – in a completely new shestnadtsatidyuymovom form factor, according to the present reveals the real possibilities of high resolution. The new notebooks Acer Aspire Gemstone new multi distinguishes, shimmering holographic cover the body (the Acer logo on the background light as the sky is a central element of the lower layer of rainbow sapphire, sparkling and shimmering all sorts of different angles shades of black and blue), contrasting textures, a stylish blue, black and silver color scheme, as well as interior and exterior lighting – a dynamic and sophisticated Aspire Gemstone new design heralds a new era of notebook design Acer. A new series of notebook Acer Aspire Gemstone new offers maximum power at the expense of processor technology Intel Centrino, using the latest dual-core Intel Core 2 Duo, Chipset Intel PM965 Express obile and built-in wireless supports wireless technology and Acer SignalUp InviLink Nplify. For the first time Acer has launched a series of 16-inch noutubkov equipped with LCD displays Full HD CineCrystal 1920×1080 resolution LCD displays or HD CineCrystal with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels, with a response time of 8 ms and original format wide screen 16:9, which is perfectly in order to get the most out of HDTV capabilities or drive Blu-Ray Disc.

RAM Devices

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How to choose a laptop problem faced by many users. Well let's try to help them, must first be determined by how much we expect to purchase a laptop. Then set goals, and rather a function that should execute the computer. For people who constantly move from place to place more comfortable with the screen model will be 12 -15 inches as dimensions of these devices are preferred for transportation. For those who have a steady job, you can choose the screen bigger but for those and other important capabilities of your computer that are directly related to its filling and packaging. Of the most expensive (the budget class of models from $ 500) you can choose a good office assistant. It is also necessary to pay attention to the battery and the run time without external power. If the laptop will be used as stationary then this criterion is not so important, any model will work for at least 2 hours, there are models that can withstand 8:00 active battery life.

Then select the hard disk size, RAM and video card. Accordingly, the higher the performance of these devices, the higher the price of the product as a whole. The characteristics of these devices, one chooses to fit your needs starting from the options. Not unimportant factor choosing a laptop is its convenience in use (usability) that includes a suitable keyboard and pointing devices, ease of placement of jacks for connecting external devices. These factors determined by visual inspection machine. User-friendly features are the wireless system, WiFi and bluetooth with which the user can transfer data to other devices in and out of the global Internet network. There are also imedzhivye model, designed studios design known brands such models to the fore epotazhnost appearance, and then the technical characteristics and functionality of the device. Typically, such models are much higher in price range and have a narrow range of buyers. Do not forget about the weight of the device, it is all still hand-held.