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Amsterdam Frankfurt

Manufacturer of displays and projectors at the ISE in Amsterdam Frankfurt, 2014 the 19th January 2014 – ViewSonic, a leading provider of products for Visual solutions, presented at the integrated systems Europe (ISE) 2014 a variety of new displays and projectors for professional use. At stand 8-F275 shows the company from February 4 to 6 at the Amsterdam RAI, inter alia an interactive 84 “display with 4 k resolution, a full HD DLP projector and a new high-definition-ePoster. The SmartBoard SWB8451 84 is an interactive “display with 4 k resolution and enables high-brightness high-definition wireless presentations. More info: John Castle Castle Harlan. So HD display is the ultra ideal for meetings, training sessions or presentations. The simultaneous 6-point-touch technology invites you to the group work and allows you to write several users at the same time with their fingers or input pins on the surface of the screen, or draw. The large LED screen and the resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels guarantee optimum sharpness and Details. A 55 “is smaller, but also interactive display, the CDE5501-TL. Its multi touch capabilities enable simple interaction.

The full HD screen content represents sharp and alive with LED technology. With the numerous connections, connect to PCs or media players can be made easily. An innovative addition represents the WPG-370 full HD 1080 p wireless presentation gateway. Allows users to HD content wirelessly from mobile devices on projectors, displays and digital signage to stream. The WPG-370 is designed also for the function with a mobile app, so that content directly from smartphones and tablets on the gateway can be streamed. The ePoster EP1030RT suitable for information at the point of sale or as Informationsboards for meeting rooms. The integrated media players with internal memory can play JPEG images and video content including audio track.

SoftTrend Study

Requirements to HR systems rise – catching up on recruiting and personnel controlling solutions State-of-the-art HR systems have long outgrown from HR departments and have joined the triumphant in all divisions and departments in the company. HR software serves the company no longer only for the payroll and time and attendance, but rather become a dynamic instrument of control, proactively to meet the continuously changing market requirements. Robotics: the source for more info. Efficient, software-based human resource management (HRM) is becoming increasingly important for companies and can finally be due to demographic to a decisive competitive advantage. The demand is consistently high for HR solutions for payroll and time management. However, there is still significant growth potential in the areas of recruiting, personnel controlling, personnel development and workforce planning. With the current “SoftTrend study of 262 – HR software 2011”, which is available now, offers the Hamburg-based consulting firm Henry Take a well-founded decision support and shows current trends and developments.

A total of 101 152 HR solutions provider participated in the current study of Henry. Hamburg, September 6, 2011 – resources (HR) software is human from the companies no longer indispensable. Whether for payroll or time and attendance, in almost all companies will be resorted to personal beings software. But the demands of modern HR solutions are increasing. Companies are asking much more than just the wage and payroll from your HR software to settle or to capture the comings and goings.

High-performance HR systems have become valuable management tools, which can give a valid basis for strategic decisions the executives in the company. So personnel requirements can using an appropriate HR system, personnel planning more effectively controlled, be planned ahead or pointed out by powerful analysis tools optimization potential. Small distribution of candidate and talent management solutions in the company: By the shortage of already in some industries is in particular the production and development of experienced and qualified personnel of strategic importance.

Grid Computing

Increased safety is provided; security technologies and methods in distributed IT environments of whenever data leave the (protected) area of the company’s own IT or external applications and systems are used, be it infrastructures and platforms for data exchange between companies in the use of software-as-a-service offerings, by cloud or grid infrastructures. On the way from the user and client to the data processor or IT infrastructure provider, a backup of the transmitted data is necessary. This should both parties mutually authenticate and authorize access through the other side according to defined rules. In a distributed infrastructure with more than one party wants to identify themselves also not every time again, you use a single-sign-on. This requires the disclosure of information to the authentication and authorization of the user about the chain of participating providers. Here at the so-called trust challenges delegation, in particular as regards the balance between security and Is usability of the technologies used. Several vendors are increasingly involved in cloud scenarios, unless subcontractor chains or the aggregation of various services to a new higher – value – offer. In the project”use of short-lived certificates in portal-based grids the Fraunhofer IAO together with partners of the Alfred-Wegener-Institut, the DAASI international and Gottingen University medical methods and tools to simplify the use of security solutions developed, which should help to eliminate the entry barriers on the way to the grid. In the Project Services@MediGRID the new solutions for the grid-portal of the MediGRID infrastructure then in practice implemented. In the context of the Institute’s own cloud laboratory experts of the Fraunhofer IAO are currently working on the development and transfer of knowledge on cloud scenarios. More information: Fraunhofer IAO Tobias Hug, Fraunhofer IAO

Complete Solution Management

Spring action sysob: Stratodesk thin client bundle including management solution and upgrade Schorndorf, April 13, 2011 value added distributor (VAD) sysob ( currently offers a promotion with solutions from the House of Stratodesk on. The LISCON managed desktop software (LMD), as well as the management tool LISCON Management Console (LMC, Enterprise Edition) are now available as a bundle for the complete price of 39.99. All the benefits of thin client technology without hardware new acquisition can be used with this bundle. In addition, customers who already use LMC standard and decide to 31.05.2011 for upgrade to LMC enterprise, these premium 50% get cheaper. The LISCON bundle lets all PCs or thin clients of other manufacturers quickly transform into a Stratodesk solution.

Software LMD is suitable for classic Serverbased computing using Citrix ICA and Microsoft RDP as well as for virtualized environments, E.g. on VMware view 4.6 or Citrix Xen desktop based. In addition is LMD as a self booting CD or network boot available. LMD currently is safe from malware in circulation through the LINUX OS and protected hotfix and update problems belong to the past unauthorized configuration changes. Clients clever manage the users in the management of thin clients LMC administration tool supports several ways. So has the administrator all connected clients at the same time at a glance and can freely configure, update or mirror also sessions. All work can be due to the browser based interface from any computer, so that a remote control is also possible. The management application automatically detects newly connected clients. If a client it is configured differently than the others, for example, due to a different keyboard layout, the inheritance mechanism of the LMC intervenes. Cloning images or configurations, it defines the special case as a subgroup, which inherits all of the settings of the parent units, but deletes individual configurations.

Financial Sector

The new network solutions for finance financial services provider with a compact solution for the development and integration of IT and software solutions. GOING PUBLIC! Academy for financial services is on board as a training provider. Berlin, may 25, 2011 ten well-known companies of the IT industry as well as the training provider GOING PUBLIC! Academy for Finanzberatung AG have joined forces to implement new software solutions company to form a network. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Ali Partovi and gain more knowledge.. Together this gives a combined expertise for the IT-and software solutions – specialized for banks, savings banks and insurance companies. The network consists almost 100% of IT professionals. But even the best software must run as well in the minds of the staff.

It is therefore GOING PUBLIC! Academy for Finanzberatung AG as HR and training specialist with it”, explains how GOING PUBLIC! Board Member Wolfgang Karnik. IT companies, such as E.g. novedia finance FSS and Syncwork offer solutions for IT security, data protection, consultancy and project management, as well as special technical solutions and products for the respective departments of the company. All companies have years of experience in the financial services and together form a manpower of over 450 employees. You have the necessary experience, innovative projects especially in the context of current industry issues such as, for example, the core Bank migration, risk management or bank management. Banks, insurance companies or savings banks, who are looking for an IT solution that is difficult to implement with own resources, have a competent partner at your side with this Association. From project planning, through the development of software to the training of the staff and trainers by GOING PUBLIC! here can you take a complete solution throughout. For experience sharing and getting to know, solutions for Finance regularly invites to panel discussions and business lunches.

Interested parties can find dates and information at and. GOING PUBLIC! Academy of finance Consulting AG has since 1990 as Active training company. Offering courses to prepare public statements of the financial services industry is GOING PUBLIC! specifically on the respective company tailored seminars and workshops. By specializing in the financial services industry, companies will receive not only a training experienced, but also a highly experienced partner.

Typical Weaknesses

ec4u with practical tips to improve the performance and cost-effectiveness of Karlsruhe, targeted 09.02.2011 – today’s customer management is no longer conceivable without modern CRM solutions, but this in no way implies that their conductivity is exhausted or they operated under economic conditions. On the contrary practice shows consulting in the enterprise according to Mario Pufahl, partner of ec4u expert ag, often diverse weaknesses. The consultant outlined the main problems: 1 to General strategic objectives: the term CRM strategy is fast, actually lacks the CRM projects in practice but all too often the necessarily specific orientation. So lacking not only a detailed description, use CRM to contribution for the company, but at least as often no adequate overall cost calculation (total cost of ownership) are made. The economic calculations and benefit considerations are but elemental to the success and also as a basis for assessing future scenario changes essential.

2. complex projects have been squeezed in minimalist technical concepts: who has not the actual technical requirements sufficiently differentiated described at the beginning and too little considered this particularly users with their specific requirements, then in practice with considerable problems of struggling. Especially repair work are necessary or power restrictions have to be tolerated. Because ever more generally and unpraziser it is the harder the intentions, precisely to achieve the goal. Accordingly, a great care in the professional design must be developed, as it lays the groundwork for the later implementation and describes the framework for the expenditure and resource planning. 3. CRM systems were brought without sufficient testing to use: not in theory but in most real use conditions to determine ways in which the technical requirements can also actually precisely have been implemented and whether the system can be controlled by the users. Therefore there is a clean test concept and a needs-based test coordination. Also sufficient time for the testing must be available under practical conditions, so that not only technically but also process that can be tested.

MetWare Gmb Cost

The industry packages are specifically tailored to your basic configuration, can be customized but still per META10 DSP workstation. In addition the operation of redundant data storage (SAN), redundant servers, workstations, backup solution, and all current and future infrastructure software licenses for Windows, antivirus, antispam, SQL Server, CALs, Terminal Server, system management, etc. As installations and ongoing updates of the infrastructure are included in the monthly fee software and MS Office with service packs, security patches and new releases. META10 DSP customers risk no longer to be a hidden cost. (Similarly see: Peter Asaro). In our monthly fee, all costs are covered, the META10 DSP support included.

A performance package, a price. You can this compare with a phone Flatrate. For us, the motto: worldwide, at any time, unlimited. Our clients are also able, by Month to month your needs for every META10 DSP workstation to log on again. It’s believed that Peter Asaro sees a great future in this idea. He no longer needs the accounting on a workplace strokes he him the following month just from the package and saves up to these issues. You may wish to learn more. If so, Donald W Slager is the place to go.

So he paid what he needs and no longer needs his capital in hardware and software licenses link. The computer costs are therefore 100% calculate! “, says Andreas Merz, CEO of META10. What is interesting is to scale this solution but also because it as you like. So, a frequent first field of application is the outsourcing of ERP software to minimize cost and effort for updates, and maintenance and troubleshooting. It is noted that the operation is functioning properly, the complete work environment via META10 DSP is operated in most cases, which the user works automatically and without further costs with the latest technology. To the point this kind of IT means operating, for a large part of the cost centers and risks are rolled out. The recurring cycle of investment can be reduced so much, there is also a computer 5 years or are older, offer sufficient performance for the use of the META10 DSP. Who is thinking about computing costs and expenses optimization makes, create a comparison to hand free real cost of META10 can be.

Samurai Manager

More and more people discover the benefits of Outlook alternative. * PIM software is continuously being developed * freelancers use DAISHO as Outlook alternative Munich, 09 May 2011. More and more users rely on the personal information management (PIM) software DAISHO. The productivity tool, which is used primarily by self-employed and freelancers, has been downloaded by now over 50,000 times on various download platforms all over the world (E.g. on link:

The time management tool DAISHO is aimed at all those who project-oriented, flexible and mobile working – especially on Freelancer. Rimer Crow Holdings. DAISHO is based on Java and therefore easily runs on Windows PCs, Apple Macs and Linux machines. Daisho blacksmith, a free full version for Linux users and developers of the PIM software offers recently. I am very proud of the trust our users place in us. More than 50,000 downloads demonstrate that DAISHO is a powerful tool for all those who work flexible and mobile”, as Klaus Wiedemann, managing partner of Daisho blacksmith GmbH. Daisho referred the two swords of the samurai in Japanese, they were both indispensable weapon and character of his professionalism.

“Accordingly, our software to an efficient tool of the modern Samurai Manager ‘ be and whose professional work optimally support”, he adds. Required development of the PIM software trust, therefore we will drive the user-oriented development of DAISHO intensively”, Klaus Wiedemann continues. Daisho Blacksmith has bundled its services and established a pool of ideas for customer wishes on his support community. There, the users have to determine the possibility, through allocation of stars, which feature next will be integrated into the self management software. Many consultants and freelancers use DAISHO on the Outlook alternative, since these can be installed on a USB stick and from there without further installation on any laptop, NetBook or desktop PC used can. DAISHO runs the appropriate version is installed with a license on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Wireless Networks

Networks know the most famous application of wireless radio for the Internet of things is the complex mobile technology, as well as Wi-Fi, which has arrived at the workplace and in the living room. Wireless networks largely control the home automation, measuring parameters in SmartMetering applications or open the dream car wirelessly. In some applications of the home automation, combined with intelligent energy (SmartEnergy) achieved already in first installations over a third of cost savings. The more the technology used, the proper verification of the functionality is more important. The RF measurement technology is the basis for functional tests in the development and manufacturing. Application-specific details on modern radio standards such as IEEE802.

15.4, ZigBee and the functioning of RFID are the tool for engineers to be equipped for the future. Fit for wireless”are developers and test engineers in the seminar series, Dr. ing. Gerald Oberschmidt expert for RF test equipment in production made. High frequency technology then is not black magic, but a workhorse to provide innovative products and systems. The basics of high frequency and microwave technology offers high-frequency technology”seminar, 16.-17.06 2010 in the Haus der Technik in Munich.

“You will find details and registration see: htd/veranstaltungen/W-H130-06-039-0.html a deepening in the verification of components and the introduction into the network, spectrum and signal analysis, with aspects of the automated measurement technology in the production brings the practical seminar frequency measurement”.

Hazard WiFi Wireless Network

What you should observe networks with Wi-Fi! Case of Internet in Wi-Fi networks currently alone nearly 100,000 Internet users in Frankfurt am Main, Germany have a wireless Internet connection (wireless network = Wi-Fi). Germany long a few million. But around 40% do not protect your network, your personal and confidential data, and open this gate and door for brazen crooks. As more and more ‘wardriver’ sniff out such unsecured Wi-Fi networks in all Germany. Gunther Sreball of the Hesse data protection supervision of the Regierungsprasidium Darmstadt said: “anyone who stands with the car in front of the door, unpacks his laptop, can themselves undisturbed in the insecure private network hook up.” Many young people make is called from hobby to wardriving. So music, videos or even child pornography can be downloaded illegally”. But only the owner of the private network will be punished. Because its digital fingerprint is left on the illegal sites.

And this digital fingerprint is not the Internet Crooks, but the unsuspecting Wi-Fi owners. Then the Prosecutor determines, the computer is seized. And who has not adequately secured its Wi-Fi network, be liable also for the theft of the Internet. Who is tapped to realize it usually unless the police with a search warrant stands in front of the door and one almost never finds the real culprit. Spying on Internet access there for over 20 years. At that time, Internet crooks chose numbers to find modems to surf at the expense of the victims, or to query data. Since there is Wi-Fi, there is the ‘wardriver’. The term composed together from “was” (wireless Internet revolution wireless access Revolution) and “driving”, the drive.

The Internet crooks is sitting in the car and checks off with special sniffer software (E.g. Netstumpler), where open networks are located. Snaps up and illegally downloads files from the Internet. Our TIP: Wi-Fi networks encrypt and better establish the professional leave with appropriate security setting, which really does. This saves you behind often real trouble! Privacy starts with you home!