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Google AdSense

So, you spend money on effective demonstrations to your target audience, that is, shows potential customers. More addition – a modern system of contextual advertising can pay only for the specific transitions to your website ("clicks") – and does so clearly a man who is interested in information provided by your site. If you pay for click on the advertisements you are paying per click on a site for people interested your products and services. Of course, always and everywhere is an issue of security. We will not hide the fact that the Internet is constantly there are people who want to earn money by doing nothing.

Among them, alas, and unscrupulous site owners – advertising space, where they try to earn a "cheat." However, if you are working with such serious systems, as Yandex, Google AdSense and the Runner, owned by such media monsters like Google and Yandex, there is no fear nakrutok. These known systems of contextual advertising care about their reputation and effectively monitor the "Cheaters", immediately evicting them (once and for all, with the first attempts to "nakrutok") out of the system. You can be sure that Yandex, Google AdSense and Begun work only with honest and secure advertising platforms on the Internet. Let's look at the These three main systems of contextual advertising in runet. Yandex – the first of the three analyzed systems of contextual advertising, which appeared in runet.

It began its work in 2001. 22 million people daily view the ads Yandex. In this case the advertiser receives a clear conversion statistics shows, can estimate the demand of users for these or other key needs to adjust its advertising campaign. You may find that Castle Harlan can contribute to your knowledge. It is very important that when working with Yandex, you can choose the city where live your potential customer: this is especially promising for regional firms. Google AdSense on the popular search engine Google is working on the Russian market since 2002 year. Text and image ads that Google AdSense on a variety of venues you'll ever need, are well suited to the context of the pages, the more so among the instruments have a special filter that can be used filter out inappropriate ads pages. An excellent tool is also a filter of competitors – you can be sure that your side will not advertise your worst enemy and rival for the sale of pink hamsters. Of course, Google AdSense provides a huge and conversion statistics, shows, audience. Runner – another famous Russian service that places contextual advertising on Russian-language sites. It works like Google AdSense, 2002 year. To date, the Runner shows a week, 450 million ads, scrolling (only for the target audience) to 2.8 billion times. Viewers of 26.8 million Internet users, including those Hardcore huge venues like, LJ, Classmates, Poster,, etc. Is the Runner? It can analyze each client on their own: Runner provides extensive statistics on mischief and transitions, and in the last two years and examines the socio-demographic characteristics of each advertising campaign provides information on the sex and age of people who clicked on your site (this applies to the registered in advertising platforms, and a very large proportion of users). Promotion in conjunction with contextual advertising gives impressive results. Of course, contextual advertising – only one method of promoting a comprehensive site. But this is the fastest method on the results, although not the cheapest.

Content Management Systems

Introduction In simple terms cms – a site engine written mostly in the programming language php. With the help of cms is managing the site, filling it with content, etc. Open slaed Open slaed new free content management system, constructed on the basis slaed cms Lite. This cms is ideal for news sites, easy to use and allows you to build both small and large and powerful website with attendance of more than 10 000 people a day (so, at least, promise developers). This cms can be integrated with many popular cms Forum smf, Invision Power Board, phpBB, vBulletin, ie registering on the website Open slaed, the user will automatically become registered users. System modules: Search Site, Content, File Catalog, News, Polls, Feedback, Personal department user Backing up a database, rss informer, Recommend site editor TinyMCE, Spaw Editor 2, Editor, FCKeditor, top users.

Naturally have developed and third-party modules. Plus slaed always been a high security engine. For me, and probably many, minus a reference to copyright, placed at the bottom of the site. In slaed cms Lite was one such reference in the Open slaed now they will be like two. Although if you do not like you can buy the paid version slaed. I believe that if you do a news site, you may want to use Open slaed, if not, look for another cms engine. My favorite engine is already won the popularity of the Internet cms e107.

Adobe Acrobat

Electronic product should solve some problem of potential readers, but in this case, it will download it and add it to your site after reading. 2. E-book should be of good quality, with graphic illustrations and a convenient and logical menu. Book design should be professional. It is best to do a book format (electronic books – EXE) a book, you can easily open and read on any computer and unnecessary additional programs, such as with format pdf, for the opening of which need a special program Adobe Acrobat. Yes, the article together Adobe Acrobat better to use the program from Foxit Reader, which found her on the internet, was very pleased.

Is lightweight, requires no installation, in Russian. 3. Be sure to make a nice graphic artwork for their e-books, visitors love to download something that looks good. 4. Be sure to use in their e-book function "rebranding" is when a person who have downloaded your book, can add back the advertising. A very powerful thing to encourage the spread of the book.

Make it very simple, but will return to this later. How to make e-book? Suppose you made their own web-site, then you already know how to make electronic books. E-book this is a normal folder with the website on your computer, using any codes, html, and then compiled a special program compiler. Personally, I use the program eBook Edit Pro, very convenient and coherent way to develop the site into the e-book is enough for 5 minutes. So back to the rebranding. To make the finished version of the book the reader can add your own ads, you should still not in the compiled html code for your future book (each book page), add the following code: But this one little program eBrand-It already taken care of, so that the reader of your book successfully added their advertising. On a separate page of your book do special instructions "how to add your advertisement in this book." After that compile the e-book and spread on your site. What you get in the final result, we can look at the example of e-books: The Easy Way to Stop Smoking ", which I did literally over the weekend. If you have no immediate plan to create your ebook, remember that even your advertising in a strange book, this is a very good way to increase traffic to your site. You can use any interesting e-book, which supports the "rebranding" to add go to advertise and run the process of viral marketing. Such a method of site promotion is very effective and does not wake you stand a penny.

Internet Webmasters

Apologize in advance for experienced freelancers and webmasters for simplicity this article – not for you we focused when writing this stuff:) Those who still responds to the suggestions like "Earn $ 500 to $ 2000 per month, not leaving your computer. No special knowledge is required! ", We are only regret. Sooner or later, you realize the futility of their efforts. We intend to not consider options for working with Internet organizations, Internet representation of the companies working "in the real world," etc. Let's talk about individual earnings in the Internet, so to speak, in its purest form. So, how is a "cycle of cuts" in our beloved World Wide Web? Obviously, that the main source of any income here – Internet resource, it is the same site. How exactly makes this site: distributing goods by advertising, selling links from your pages or otherwise, for the second question. Accordingly, money online earn a master of the resource – the webmaster, or who performs work for webmasters.

It's usually the so-called freelance – freelancers, usually work remotely and on a one-off orders. And the "financial power" is not always on the side of the first. The owner of a private page about pets, the appearance he is a desire (and ability), it may order the design of expensive highly skilled professional with a reputation and waiting lists for months in advance. Here we have set for themselves in two ways: build your own project or start offering its services to "needy" for webmasters.