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The Product

Posted by Juan on August 1, 2013 with Comments Closedas , , ,

This constitutes an insult to the intelligence of our visitors. We are not dealing with people naive or ignorant. Our visitors are people like us. With intelligence and ideas and will distinguish between the plausible and the implausible. If you are a person who has been sailing on the internet for some time, will not sound you new, offers how: with my system you can start today to win $2000 journals, and other similar or more exaggerated.

I recently saw an advertisement where it was said that Francisco (fictitious name), had made $100,000 in two days. Lies, lies and lies. Francis did not make your list of subscribers in two days, nor had two days to be working online, not even the campaign which was referred had lasted only two days. If you want to have credibility, avoid this type of exaggerations and speak truth to its visitors. Idea N 4: Choose your product a good name to do this, I am referring to a name that is consistent with the product that you are promoting and, Furthermore, it easy to remember by its visitors. But, at the same time, it is important that the name of your business, save relationship with the product that promotes.

It be nice, if we sell dog food, our business call the happy Kitty right? Even less, use offensive words in the name of your business or product. Being that this series of articles is directed to readers of the Hispanic market, let me tell you that, throughout these years, I have seen how some entrepreneurs of this market used, literally translating names and expressions that are used in the English market, such as: proof of fools, idiots proof, and many other more offensive. Even, depending on the country where we are, the word Rookie, could be offensive, being preferable to the use of new entrepreneurs.

Convert Surfers

Posted by Juan on July 18, 2013 with Comments Closedas , , ,

In the context of the internet, there are several reasons that move people to surf the net or, as originally is known in English, the World Wide Web (network world-wide). However, regardless of the reasons that move them to do their searches, all people, without exception, have a common denominator: have one or more needs. It is similar to people walking down a street or Avenue looking at shop Windows, move, direct purchase order either or, curious about new styles, brands, etc. Or, simply, accompanied by another person, that has an immediate need. However, despite his character’s Companion, it also has one or more needs that, ultimately, could lead them to buy some product, planned or not. How to convert those observers visitors, customers, is the purpose of this series of articles.

In them, some powerful ideas are displayed to achieve this purpose, I invite you to take them into account to reinforce their own strategies. I am sure that they will help you to improve your sales and your relationships with your visitors and customers. Idea No. 1: Retain your visitors I have seen many people enter a business and leave immediately, for various reasons, which are contrary to good practice of marketing-driven. Retain your customers within your virtual business (website or blog), should be part of your work. Keep them inside, as much as possible. The above can be achieved performing some actions that are very effective in practice. Let your visitors download eBooks, Subscribe to contests, Subscribe to newsletters, etc. Could eventually use pop-ups, which are displayed when the visitor gives you close to the current page or gives you return; However, it is necessary to be very careful in the use of these Windows, since in recent days an indiscriminate use of them has been done and it has made people feel very annoying by the use of these Windows.