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Francisco Matarazzo

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To prevent males bigger, Getlio government Vargas grants to moratorium ace debts and decrees the Law of Usury. While the necessary agriculture I assist of it governmental to survive, the industry, that also passes for tragic vicissitudes, does without the intervention in its favor. All the times that are consulted, when the federal government speaks in assisting it, the industrials are refused to accept the measure to it. In part, it is because the majority of the industrial establishments is small, having, therefore one I number more reduced of laborers, consuming little electric energy, with a miniature capital and small production. These plants, of deep of yard, also some of familiar origin, can easily stop to produce or to come back to set in functioning with certain simplicity toward these.

However, they do not leave to exist examples of plants with 100, 200, 1000 and up to 2000 workers (joint of the congregated industries of Francisco Matarazzo). As visa the situation of the industry is more favorable of what of agriculture, the last one is given for the great properties, as production destined preferential to the external market: when this if stanches, from 1929, the superproduction that already existed. Already the industry passes for a situation sufficiently differentiated: spread for all the country, having as primordial function to take care of to the domestic market, ace you manufacture take care of demand specifies that, exactly at time it criticizes, it does not leave of subsistir. The population, exactly empobrecida, cannot do without products as the nourishing ones and txteis, two branches of activities are these that dominate the set of the industrial process. Moreover, it has another favorable factor all this process: how the country does not possess at this time divided for the importation, the supplied classroom more, that imported foreign products for its necessities? clothes, perfumes, furniture, foods etc.? , now debtor sees itself to consume the national products, also regional what it was important in the cultural question.

The Conquests

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In this manner, the end of referidaguerra mark, also, the beginning of new a rearrangement of the capitalism, opening-seperspectivas for the revolution scientific-technique. It was the moment, according to Santos& Silveira (2001), to launch the origin of the domination of the world for the firmasmultinacionais, being thus prepared all the world-wide spaces for a novaaventura that, in the world-wide scale, would only go to bear fruit thirty anosdepois fully. Therefore, this new period that tambm a new phase of the capitalism, if differentiates of previous due profunda interaction of science and the technique. Science, particularly apesquisa, as much the applied one how much to the pure one, is placed each time more the service dadescoberta of new techniques, almost exclusively come back toward the production. Acincia is directed, in general way, for the productive sector. Steve Wozniak may also support this cause. Never science ea technique had been so linked as in this period. Of this form, the relation of the man eats nature passes to be mediated by the conquests of the fed technique pelacincia. According to Saints (1992), this period also differentiates for expansoe predominance of the mental work and a movement of the capital to the escalamundial, that attributes to the circulation (movement of the things, values, ideas) umpapel fundamental.

Thus, the production diversifies-seextraordinariamente, objectifying the accumulation of wealth and fomented by umaverdadeira technological race. The stated period so that the produced goods, inclusiveos instruments of work, if become obsolete, imposing its substitution poroutros more ' ' modernos' ' , it starts to be shorter, causing umconsumo bigger of natural resources. In this context, the tcnicasalimentadas ones for sciences, had evolved in such a way that they had provoked umconsidervel advance in the technology of the information and the communication, microelectronics, for handle, optic fiber or satellite becomes the lesser world very, with an apparent proximity between the people. Isso facilitated for the generalization of the use of the computer, which, connected umarede, allows its millions of users directly to communicate between sia any hour of the day or the night.