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WELTEC BIOPOWER To Build Plant In France

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WELTEC BIOPOWER’s early 2012 with the construction of a 526-kilowatts biogas plant in French Saint Nicolas Tertre, in the Brittany region 100 kilometres northwest of Nantes started. The fermentation tanks are fed with pig manure, waste from the food industry, renewable raw materials and intermediate crops for energy use. Provides the location for the plant, the farmer and operator delivers the agricultural substrates. The waste heat produced by the bio-gas plant will be used the fermentation rest drying on the one hand and on the other hand used for supplying heat in his 60 metres from Piggeries. Heat usage by 70 percent (without boarding fermenter, heat), the CHP bonus is four cents per kilowatt hour in France, so is the feed-in tariff for a 500-kilowatt system on a total of 17 cents. If you would like to know more then you should visit Byron Trott.

In France, the single power law guarantees that the State 15 years decreases electricity from biogas plants at a guaranteed price. In the power range from 150 to 250 and 600 kilowatts to 1 megawatt are in France currently several biogas plants involving WELTEC BIOPOWER in the construction and planning. By privileged construction law, the Declaration”, many plants are constructed in the country, consume less than 30 tonnes of agricultural substrates per day. So a permit of the biogas plant achieved in four to six months. Obtaining the approval of systems according to the German immission protection procedure (authorisation”) may take up to 18 months. Considering the available resources to reason, France during the construction of biogas plants is restrained. The European bio-gas Association EBA has summarized the expansion targets of some EU countries for the biogas production of electricity by 2020: Italy wants to 1,200 megawatts of electrical power from biogas have installed, Britain 1,100 and Poland 980. The Netherlands aim 639, France at 625, and the Czech Republic 417 megawatts. Unchallenged, Germany (3,796 megawatts) is located at the top of this scenario. Measured at the organic level potential for power generation in the Country are available, use the Netherlands only about 5 percent 68 percent, Germany 25, Poland 19 and France energetically.

Because Lambion

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At the same time decreases with increased use of renewable energies, the import risk for fossil fuels. Because half of the fossil energy supply today comes from crisis-prone States. Not at the expense of the natural energy must go through use of modern technology. On the contrary, nature and wallet can benefit. A German company developed individual biomass power plants for some time and uses this modern bio-waste technology. Heat, electricity and steam produced while from biogenic residues, which can fall in and not be exploited in a more meaningful way such as food, animal feed or timber in the production. This technique was developed by the Lambion energy solutions GmbH as a further development of industrial wood – and bark combustion. The special feature of this technology: the bio-fuels can whether dry or wet, coarse or fine at the same time be burned.

The expertise that this concept is based. inside a specially developed Lambion combustion technology. Lambion has a combustion concept, that the chemical composition of biogenic residual materials taken into account and thus the properties of the fuels is tailored to. Because especially the greatly differing properties of fuels require a well-thought-out geometry of the combustion chamber and an optimal combustion air promotion and control, to ensure the reliable supply of process energy and at the same time the officially prescribed limits for emissions to comply with. This green technology for heat, steam and electricity for manufacturing companies that need a lot of process heat is interesting,”says the entrepreneur Axel Lambion because the energy required for the production of process heat accounts for the largest share of industrial energy consumption in the industry. Industries like food, beverage manufacturers, woodworkers, Sawmiller, breweries, paper industry but also among our customers that’s why Counties, municipalities or municipal utilities.

The latter will need process heat although not traditionally a large extent, but often have large amounts of unused biogenic residual materials.” Also, that the biomass plant running economically, Lambion is ensured. Because Lambion supplies complete turnkey power plants if you wish including funding model or energy contracting. After carrying out an initial feasibility study decides quickly whether sufficient bio-fuels in the production itself must apply or are purchased (E.g. by local authorities in the form of road Green). Experience in combustion technology has gained the company through its over 90 companies history. In over 3,400 realized biomass plants worldwide experience was gathered with hundreds of biogenic fuels. From A to Z like sugar cane, Apple core, the modern rest fabric technology uses the entire portfolio of bio fuels. With the bio-fuel spirit, cores are so with a modern biomass plant, and Dishes works annually at a plant capacity of 12,000 kWth (12 bar saturated steam) E.g. around 16.5000 t CO sqm and approximately 5.2 million m to save oil.