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Education Collaborative Model

Posted by Juan on June 15, 2022 with Comments Closedas

We can only understand our reality and know what we are and where we go, if we know our origin, to be aware of our past and know who we are and where we go, it’s impossible to act passively to domination, and so we’re free. Showing a Zemelman vision and fifth, and together this vision of libertarian pedagogy, I find myself at the point of question that I mentioned earlier as threats and aberrations of this vicious circle. Zemelman and Fifth Wanting to propose a new social contract for education, social is proposing another method (which was opposed to the above Could we say that until he fell into another determinism?) And that makes us think the same way that could return to modernism. When it comes to contract, thus referred to new rules, new rules, new parameters and Had we not made it clear that such parameters to be repressed?, And this desire to create a being straight, are we not also pursuing a teaching bonsai but at another level, the configurations at the rules of the new social contract?

A with these questions, the answers are born anarchists regard to education: the non-application of rules limiting the Self in its full development, the abolition of any mechanism to exert power and so the school is any body antiseptic political, religious or business. (Because we know that the power and laws are the main sources of corruption and human aberration.) But all these “Who would put education and based on that structure? The answer is society itself through its historical knowledge, contextual reality and interests of subjects. A but this is another chance for thorough review, and it questions: What company is that educate individuals?, does today? Does society corrupt, unconscious and shaped by the taxable minimum? So not only have to change the current educational structure, but also society itself. a And only just look at that process of change in social paradigms that we want to change subjects, so for us is the right thing.

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