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Kitchens On Order From Manufacturer

Now for all the housewives have a unique opportunity to make an inexpensive kitchen practically "own hands". Kitchens to order from the manufacturer are among the Russians in great demand. Peter Asaro : the source for more info. Currently, there are such unique and exclusive designs that can meet the needs and tastes of absolutely any customer. After all, to order the kitchen – it means to develop an integrated kitchen interior with designers. This will use only those materials that you want to see applied to any design of your choice (European, Italian, Russian, etc.) and of course guaranteed to complete individually. Kitchens are made exclusively with the use of new equipment and modern technology, which allows them to maintain longevity, beauty, and at the same time meet all quality standards.

All the furniture for the kitchen of the future will be made according to your wishes, and that means a complete comfort and functionality for the client. Furniture manufacturers design the kitchen and make the circuit interior. Used with drawings, diagrams and documents will be handed over to you after the preservation. Now offers a lot, the kitchen to order from the manufacturer offering literally in every town. Of course, some people want the kitchen from foreign producers, but our kitchen no worse, and are reasonably profitable price. After all the material used to build only high quality, and all the parts are imported from Europe. We can safely say that the Russian assembly is not inferior to European quality.

When ordering food you can offer your ideas, plans, and if there are none, then each manufacturer has a catalog of photos with the interior design and cuisine. You may have something to taste or on the contrary you want to combine into a single two styles. And the style most often chosen by the classic, where the noble, rich and soothing colors. While young families like more modern style, full of bright colors, unusual colors. Its original design as it emphasizes the rhythm of life is advanced and modern humans. In the manufacture of kitchen using the following materials: – the facades that can be drawn from the array (cherry, oak, birch, beech, ash, pine), painted MDF (1000 colors), IRF film, plastic, acrylic coating for MDF. – Washing: Mortise or invoices, as well as differentiated, steel, ceramic, granite. – Supplies all possible types of closers, sliding and lifting equipment. – Pens, a large selection that will satisfy all customer requirements. – Glass, this includes art glass and stained glass. – Countertops made of wood, natural or artificial stone, plastic. No matter where you live in a small apartment or a luxury cottage kitchen to order from the manufacturer will be made clear to the size and area of your premises. All manufactured and chosen according to your wishes. As a result, you get the most beautiful, functional, cozy kitchen that will delight not only you but all the relatives, friends.

Country Houses Walls

Construction of any house, as you know, start with the construction of the foundation. The cost of it could be 8-10 percent or more the cost of the house. It should also be aware that the material strength of the foundation (or concrete, etc.) is used to large excess, and the size of the foundation (width) is determined primarily by low soil strength (average of 2 kg / sq. cm.) The most common type of foundation of the manor house in every village or outside the city just is ribbon, ie a continuous ribbon (side) have staged under all walls of the house. It is made of monolithic concrete, rubble concrete or prefabricated concrete blocks. Such a design foundation uneconomical.

It is advisable to use a building with a basement. Reduce the cost base in various ways. For example, the device of the columnar base. This foundation (sometimes, but very rarely put a brick on fundamet bad ground) consists of individual parts (columns), located at a distance of 120-200 cm from each other, but always in the corners of walls and under the intersections of exterior and interior walls. Poles are placed on the jumper, then rely on that wall. The width of columns must be at least the thickness of the wall. Scheme pier foundation shown in Fig.

5. A very important issue, also defining the cost base, is the depth of its foundations. If the building has a basement, the depth laying the foundation will be dictated by the depth of the basement. Usually it is 2.3-2.5 m above the ground or first floor about 2 m above the ground. Otherwise, enter the building without a basement. Learn more at: Steve Wozniak. Here the depth of the trench for the foundation external walls will depend mainly on the following factors: a) the type of soil, and b) the level of groundwater, and c) the depth of soil freezing.


Especially the need to bring them to their attention to fans in the interior of post-modernism and hi-tech. There is also a technique Casting, known here as "Murano glass". For the stained-glass windows from casting him in metal form at the bottom of which is embossed grooves. In these deeper poured molten colored glass, which is then covered with a layer of transparent glass. But unlike the glass in the technique of "sintering" drawing on "Murano glass" is limited to the metallic form, with which it was manufactured. Stained glass in the art of engraving sandblasting on glass and mirror glass is not thicker than 5 mm, on which several layers of deposited pattern. With this method, you can create a matted picture or make the glass glubokorelefnuyu structure.

This allows for all sorts of glass paintings, inscriptions. Most work done by this method is associated with songs on the "flower-grape theme, you can also paint and abstract shapes. This stained glass window is ideal for interior design in a classic style. Next to the sophisticated technology of the present stained glass can now be found the technique of film or varnish psevdovitrazha psevdovitrazh. These stained glass windows are not durable and does not bring joy in the interior.

The latest technology of glass production significantly increased the possibilities of functional the use of stained glass. Along with the usual use of stained glass as a filling aperture, increasingly began to see ways in which glass is used in the most unpredictable ways: as an inlay ceilings, as separates the space of partitions, screens, how to design plafonds, sconces, as inserts in furniture (cupboards, cabinets) or countertops, or as a decoration of the premises, in the form of panels or even solid surfaces. Modern stained glass designed for electric lighting, which greatly expanded the possibilities of its application in architecture – not only in the windows, but in the interior partitions and suspended ceilings. Wide application double-glazed windows in modern building necessitated the introduction of modern technology through stained glass piece, a special colored laminate and lead profile of different sections. Stained glass, collected for this technology, outwardly indistinguishable from the classic and can not only be used in the restoration, but also to create the effect of antiquity. Because of its light transmission, the plane of the stained glass can be beautiful intake zoning does not violate the integrity of the perception of space. Especially worth noting that only capable of creating stained glass in the interior of a particular medium of light, volatile and unpredictable game color. Stained glass is unthinkable without the light, so the ability of glass scatter light, not absorb it, you can create in the interior with stained glass unusual colors.

The Process

Sometimes the stakes are fixed to prozhilinam (cross-poles. Drawback – byuolshoy wood consumption. 2. Plank fence – fencing, spans which are made of several horizontal boards nailed to the vertical support poles (thick lumber or logs). This is a classic version of the wooden fence. In fact, there may be many varieties, but basically All fences are timber, reinforced horizontally, vertically, or diagonally laid out some pattern 3. Picket fence of – fence, which runs are made from multiple vertical planks (shtaketin), nailed to a horizontal crossbar (prozhilinam).

4. Pasture fence type – a low fence of the supporting pillars and 2 prozhilin. 5. A fence made of wooden panels. 6.

Wattle – fencing, woven from the young, thin trees, or of long and flexible shoots of trees and shrubs. For the fence requires a minimum of 3 horizontal prozhiliny. How to make a picket fence of himself and that this tedious: Materials: 1. trimmed or planed board dlin7oy corresponding height of the fence of the future (for shtaketin) 2. Bars section 40h45 mm and a length equal to the length of the run (approximately 2 to 2.5 m) for transverse prozhilin 3. Thick beams or pillars of a different material (for the supporting pillars) or anodized 4otsinkovannye nails and screws 5. Concrete solution to the foundation. The process of building the fence 1. Complete layout of the fence. at the installation site supporting pillars type in the pegs and pull the rope between them. Around each tee do with loose material mark the future of the pit. Requirement! The distance between the columns must match the length of the runs. poles themselves should be strictly disposes of one line or at the top of the right angle. evenness of the installation of the fence depends not only on its appearance, and durability. 2. Dig a hole under the supporting columns.

HDM Video

It is no good on the interaction of the amplifier and speaker systems, and in First of all much worse quality bass. Therefore, the transfer of audio signals into the second zone is usually a "low-current" form through a well-shielded interconnect cables. You can send and zvukodannye in amplified form – there are models with built-in volume control gain, but, again, the sound quality will be compromised. Already being actively used the system in which the audio signals are transmitted in digital as practically ne exposure to external interference. Of particular interest are wireless systems that use Wi-Fi-between Connecting to the central controller and receiver, transformative "figure of analog sound. But the most difficult question – to send the image into the second zone. Usually there is sent a simple composite video – the most noise-free, but less quality than the other types (S-Video, component, HDM1). Translation of long-range component of better analog or digital video signal is practiced infrequently.

Using the HDMI interface is hampered by the fact that it is very difficult and expensive to make long enough HDMI-cable without irreversible loss in image quality. Today the price of the connector can easily reach several tens of thousands of rubles, and the warranty – no … However, developers gradually overcome these problems by increasing the length of HDMI-conductors, has presented a workable model HDMI-cable length of 20 m. You can solve the problem by installing a special video amplifiers which increase the signal / noise ratio and thus immunity povyshayuschihtem line. It is true that such measures are relevant only when the funds videootobrazheniya require high picture quality. In most cases, play, say, television in the kitchen and enough "composite". Management of the second zone can be implemented in several ways. The most simple – lack of control, that is, all adjustments and settings performed in the base area one remote.


To shelter the seedlings and the establishment of greenhouses and hothouses are widely used plastic sheeting or Agrotex (also known as spanbond, lutrisilom, agrovoloknom). Everyone knows how to use plastic wrap to create teplichek and greenhouses. Transmit light, trapping heat. Beautiful! Widespread. My neighbor likes to grow early potatoes for themselves and family. At the same time on my comments says: "Its potatoes, she does not like purchase, it is delicious! "Try not to agree here J. Technology is as follows: In section pounces film that warms the earth in a week or two (depending on weather).

Meanwhile, somewhere in actively bins germinated potatoes. And here it is – day X. planted potatoes. And then comes the process that I can not afford – depending on the weather potatoes should then open, then close it. Need be watched! Do not open on time if the sun pripechet – a problem. Not close at night if frost – a problem. The problem with this is the same – we will not see the harvest. And if the rain, it is also a problem – a film heavy, presses potatoes.

Moroka so from film to drain the water carefully and not to damage the sprouts. But a neighbor did not take hard work, and he spared no effort and time grows early potatoes, and all he gets! From this, a rather standard procedure shows that film heats well, and the sun can overheat and our seedlings. But save us from the frost, but does not pass water.

Wheel Centering

All this would facilitate the task manager and significantly speed up the process of selecting windows for your home. Qualified specialist you pick up a window with a certain profile and glass, the most suitable to the conditions in your apartment, will advise the mechanisms of ventilation and locking mechanisms, the need for security window. If you pick up a box for a private house, not too lazy to take a picture in order to pick up the window, harmoniously combined with the appearance of the building. Once the window is matched to your door leaves zamerschik. Wheel Centering window – technically complex process that can produce only a qualified technician. So do not try to be measured independently. Especially because many large companies offer such free of charge service. 2.

Low-quality producer, the existence of marriage, poor-quality components. High demand for plastic windows led to the problem of entering the market of low-quality producers and suppliers. Violation of technology and marriage at the production stage can bring the future owner of the window a lot of problems: gapping and sagging shutters, breakage of parts fitting, and at worst, and cracks in the pane. To avoid problems, Choose a reliable manufacturer of plastic windows. Company's reliability can be determined by the following criteria: age of the company's image in the construction market, an office, professionalism, customer reviews. The level of security and reliability of the company you will be able to determine its advertising (rather large layout, skilful advertising copy, the presence of city telephone numbers and addresses of companies), by the presence of the office and its appearance (Company, on the market for many years have quite a large office, in contrast to the intermediary companies, or companies, one-day), literacy and professional employees (who have you advise on all issues, to give advice and tips.) Also one of the best criteria for selection are the recommendations of your friends who have already ordered the windows to the company and pleased with the result.

Acquire Planting Perennials

The cost of high-quality ornamental perennials are currently very expensive, so when you buy should carefully examine the goods. Modern flower market is rich in a wide variety of decorative cultures. The range of any shop of flowers and seeds appear occasionally perennial species of garden plants. That perennials do not require special care in comparison with the annuals, and can be quite a long time pleasing to the eye. Many crops are sold either in the spring or fall only, it depends on the biological characteristics of plant species, the cycle of vegetation – the conditions prevailing in their original habitats, and associated their period of dormancy. Sale of ornamental plants is associated with periods of planting or transplanting: for example, it is expedient to buy vesennetsvetuschie bulbs in autumn, when the vegetative mass completely died away, and the bulb is dormant. Dug out and got on the implementation of the bulbs already have rudimentary buds, from which the spring flowers are formed.

Exception to the rule are daffodils, buy and transplant that can be successfully even in the spring, when peduncles fragrance fragrant flowers. Of course, as in agricultural technology daffodils have their own characteristics and rules, but in general, ignorance of non-compliance is not so critical. Other crops go on sale in the spring – just in time required for timely planting in the soil. Thus, gladioli, krokosmii, lilies, daylilies and dahlias expedient to buy in the spring, when they successfully survived the winter, not withered and not picked up a bacterial rot, what can be learned, carefully considered the corms and tubers. Many of them already contain the rudiments of the young shoots – shoots, which showed a healthy development plants.

When buying perennials, it is important to be able to carefully consider the planting material for signs of trouble plants. What you should pay attention: whether in the tuber and bulbs of dark spots and depressions, bulbs and tubers must have a uniform color, be resilient to the touch but not dry and shriveled. If improperly stored in a dormant period, many bulbs lose turgor, are infected fungi when lightly pressed to not be released liquid. Vesennetsvetuschih bulbs are often sold in the shells – if the bulb was bad or was dried in inappropriate conditions of detention, it can be stained with the remnants of the soil, it is not permissible. The bulb must be clean, it should be reviewed in the growth zone – that was easy to determine where it Donets with roots, and hence will develop shoots. Often, scales bulbs hidden thrips – tiny that insects, which instantly ruin the whole plant material, and colors from it you will never live to see. Also listed in indoor or in an apartment, thrips can to attack and destroy all the plants. Do not hesitate to ask the seller to extract the package with a colorful label, to withdraw from there and planting material to consider. Do not hesitate to pick up the tubers and bulbs, or you might just lose money, buying a pig in a poke.

Cord Construction

This wooden furniture, staircase balusters with curly, interior doors with geometric relief patterns. In this movement included the typical attributes of Russian antiquity: handmade mats, keeping hands warm praprababushek, as well as collections of old samovar and Gzhel dishes. An important character of the situation – the fireplace. Wall fireplace is lined out lekalnogo Golitsyn bricks on a special drawing. Wooden house: What can be more beautiful and restrictions for Russia with its tradition of peasants, townsmen and princely courts? Build a wooden house, you will always be aim here at any time of year, and each is said to find in it joy and peace of mind. Wood – the best construction material to Russia from all perspectives: economic (it is quite cheap), engineering (suitable for manufacture of any building structures), environmental (beneficial effects on human health and pets), geographic (trees and conifers grow abundantly throughout the country). Utility wood makes it absolutely indispensable for the people of Russia.

North Urals and pine, larch, Siberian cedar pine (cedar) – a unique type of wood for centuries contributed to the health and longevity of millions of people in Russia. Cut down the tree continues to live for decades after its transformation into a timber, logs or boards. Provide them with resin kill bacteria, purify the air. In winter, wood is excellent saves in the house heat in the summer – cool. Discovering a mighty force of the tree, people think about the ecology of the soul, spiritual connections with the outside world tends to moral self-improvement.

Wood as a material more expensive than other building materials used for walls, but because of its insulating qualities and operational during the construction of wood is consumed to a lesser extent than other materials, as a result of cost wall of wood is lower than, for example, made of brick. Work 'in range' is also worth less than the construction of a stone house. As a result, the wooden house is cheaper others of the same area. Long life design, healthy climate, lack of building materials harmful to the human body of substances – the major pluses of this home. Its technology allows for the erection of a building material behavior at all stages of the saw cut tree to the operation of the building. Used for walls Cord profile polished timber, zapilenny on a production basis so that the object mounted on the house like an assembly drawings 'Designer' in the short term. With appearance lumber construction, the house does not require additional prokonopachivaniya walls and their finishing after installation. This technology allows any home plan and make installation without the use of construction equipment and special tools at any time of year. These advantages, as well as the possibility of hidden utilities can significantly reduce the cost of construction with finished 'turnkey' comfortable, beautiful and practical home.


How to glue wallpaper? – Useful tips for repairing the walls. Most people think that pokleit wallpaper on the wall and just that easily can do it yourself. But the result on the wall, there are uneven seams, bubbles, spots after wipe the glue, disconnect the picture, etc. The reason for this is often the most inexperienced workers or high-quality wallpaper, but it happens rarely. If you do decide to glue the wallpaper yourself, and whatever your labor is not in vain – You need to follow some rules.

Preparation of the base – one of the important stages in wallpapering when the renovation of apartments. On how you prepare the base, depends on the quality stickers wallpaper. What is needed do this? You must completely remove the old wallpaper and the remnants of old glue. If the surface of the walls otshpaklevana, it must be primed with acrylic primer, and start wallpapering. If the old wallpaper stuck to the plaster, which is often the case in low buildings, it is necessary to produce a filler walls.

After the training walls should wait until the walls dry out and then they will be 100% ready for Wallcovering. Of great importance to quality, wallpapering novice, is a type of wallpaper. The simplest materials – wallpaper for painting, all the obstacles that may not allow an experienced worker can be corrected by subsequent layers of paint. You must know that if the texture of fine wallpaper, the wallpaper to paint no more than 2 layers and, necessarily, a latex paint. Wallpaper glue for painting in the butt, and do not forget the picture. It should be docked between each sheet. Wallpapers patterns require a careful approach to the cutting reel, drawing on a canvas must match the pattern on another canvas. When you purchase is necessary to consider cutting the roll, the bigger picture, the more scraps.