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Microsoft Protection

Optimal protection kompyuterPeredovye antivirus protection real vremeniUluchshennaya protection features for internet use and e-pochtoyBlokirovanie suspicious activity programmZaschita from stealing usernames, passwords and other personal dannyhObespechenie safe operation of wireless setyahMinimalnoe impact on the work kompyuterNovy intuitive interfeysRezhim safe start programmVirtualnaya keyboard protection in real-time: Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 – is the best solution for protecting your computer. The product contains everything necessary for safe operation of the Internet – from the internationally recognized antivirus technology to the most advanced developments in information bezopasnosti.Proverka files, Web pages, email and ICQ-soobscheniyBlokirovanie links to malware and phishing websites Improved! Proactive protection from unknown threats based on behavior analysis programs Improved! control of programs and limit their access to important areas of operating systems and personal user data Improved! access to passwords, logins and other personal data – only to trusted programs Improved! Protection against hacker attacks, securing wireless soedineniyZaschita spam and phishing e-mail programs Improved! Block banner ads on Web stranitsahRoditelsky control (restriction of Internet use by children) Improved! Self-Defense from being terminated by malware PORegulyarnye and emergency updates – always current Protecting your computer DIGITALSOFT – actively developing company, founded by a group of experts in the field of software with lots of experience. We are certified partners Microsoft, ABBYY, Adobe, Kaspersky Lab, Dr. Samsung recognizes the significance of this. Web, Symantec, Eset, and many others manufacturers software. The main objective of our company: development of a culture of software in Ukraine. Provide each user an opportunity to purchase licensed software for prices from the manufacturer, with fast delivery and technical support..

Internet Services

Firms that are engaged in emergency computer help, ready to provide the following services: repair and notebook computers, IT ausorsing, remote administration, installation, and installation of local networks, wiring, installation of drivers of different, setting up Wi-Fi, cleaning laptop computer from dust and other work. The difference between firms that deal with computer assistance, may be in the price, service quality, courtesy and understanding what the customer wants, quick exit, honesty. Hear from experts in the field like Pete Cashmore for a more varied view. Before calling a computer help, try to understand what the problem with your PC, at least in order to get a response to the question "How much does it cost?" Approximate price, as well as the answer can be obtained and estimated time of repair, and some advice. There may be situations where the repair of additional problems occur, of course with a computer can warn you and offer eliminate this problem. Think about whether you want to you if you can "give the good." If we talk about labor and its classification, the situation was. Some firms recruit mostly students, in connection with this price services may be reduced. But on the other hand, students with little experience and they is not enough free time. If the firm employs a highly qualified specialist, and the price offered services may increase, respectively, the quality of services as well.

But it is also important to how quickly specialist can come and fix the problem. Breakdowns are different, and sometimes just need to reinstall the operating system install the software drivers. And sometimes you need to mount a local network, the cable around the house or office, then set up this network, there is no customer wants to pull the wire around the room, there are other options, such as Wi-Fi – a convenient wireless network, which can also be used for general Internet access. Source:

Mobile High Definition

Acer has introduced to the public a new series of notebook Acer Aspire 6920, providing unparalleled mobile multimedia experiences high resolution. In the wake of success of the first line of notebook Acer Aspire Gemstone, announced in May 2007, Acer has developed a revolutionary new concept laptop, which embodies the best features of the first series of Gemstone – exclusive design, innovative materials, the original texture surface enhanced sound Dolby – in a completely new shestnadtsatidyuymovom form factor, according to the present reveals the real possibilities of high resolution. The new notebooks Acer Aspire Gemstone new multi distinguishes, shimmering holographic cover the body (the Acer logo on the background light as the sky is a central element of the lower layer of rainbow sapphire, sparkling and shimmering all sorts of different angles shades of black and blue), contrasting textures, a stylish blue, black and silver color scheme, as well as interior and exterior lighting – a dynamic and sophisticated Aspire Gemstone new design heralds a new era of notebook design Acer. A new series of notebook Acer Aspire Gemstone new offers maximum power at the expense of processor technology Intel Centrino, using the latest dual-core Intel Core 2 Duo, Chipset Intel PM965 Express obile and built-in wireless supports wireless technology and Acer SignalUp InviLink Nplify. For the first time Acer has launched a series of 16-inch noutubkov equipped with LCD displays Full HD CineCrystal 1920×1080 resolution LCD displays or HD CineCrystal with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels, with a response time of 8 ms and original format wide screen 16:9, which is perfectly in order to get the most out of HDTV capabilities or drive Blu-Ray Disc.

The Orange Book

The range of issues outlined in the book is very wide. This optimization of your connection, and extension the ability to view pages, and the secrets of effective search, and security issues … Rest assured that after mastering this book, you will be able to spend time online is much more effective and interesting. On the CD you 'll find many of the programs described in the book and additional chapters. The book 'The Orange Book of digital photography (+ CD).' This book is about how to get the most from your digital camera.

To learn how to shoot, process and print digital image consisting of zeros and ones. The book described in detail features of digital cameras, the RAW format and its advantages, basics photocorrection in Photoshop, printing digital photos, creating and rendering stylized black-and-white images. From the book you will also learn how to work with converter Camera RAW. You will find a description of the procedures sharpening, change the contrast, remove moire reconstruction of dynamic range, turning photos into paintings and many other useful and effective methods. And of course, learn how to fight with the wrong color and where you can otprofilirovat your camera or printer. The book is accompanied with a CD-ROM source images of sample photos and video clips that demonstrate how to place processing of these images. Book 'Tutorial useful programs.

5th ed. (+ CD) 'The fifth edition of' tutorial useful programs' presented the program to improve the interface Windows, archiver WinRAR and 7-ZIP, a powerful tool for working with files (file manager) Total Commander, a software package of Nero 7 to burn to CD or DVD, a program to safely resize your hard drive and create new partitions on it Acronis Disk Director, Center for testing and configuring your computer to backup files and folders with important data. Examined in detail the means to clean uninstall (Uninstallers). The book includes a story about electronic dictionaries, translators, and image recognition software, the usefulness of automatic switches keyboard layout. Ways to protect your computer Antivirus (Kaspersky), blocks adware and spyware (malware), as well as from hackers (firewall). Described as the means to use the Internet – programs to facilitate dialing, automatic pumping of internet files and entire servers of internet connection most popular tools – a web-pager ICQ and QIP. Told about the tools, fine-tuning the program web browsing Internet Explorer, as well as the best alternative browsers and e-mail programs. Detail and description set out how and by what instruments create their own web page (HTML and Cascading Style Sheets CSS), optimize the graphics for the Internet, to create the active elements of Web pages (Buttons, image maps) and place it all in a web hosting provider. Particular attention is paid to practical issues of using all these programs – special techniques and tricks. The typical errors permitted users. Compared with the previous edition updates the information in all sections. Added some new and interesting programs. The book is written in a light, lively manner – this is not just a source of valuable information, but also fascinating reading. Due to numerous requests of readers of previous editions of the book included a CD on which the majority of the programs described.

RAM Devices

How to choose a laptop problem faced by many users. Well let's try to help them, must first be determined by how much we expect to purchase a laptop. Then set goals, and rather a function that should execute the computer. For people who constantly move from place to place more comfortable with the screen model will be 12 -15 inches as dimensions of these devices are preferred for transportation. For those who have a steady job, you can choose the screen bigger but for those and other important capabilities of your computer that are directly related to its filling and packaging. Of the most expensive (the budget class of models from $ 500) you can choose a good office assistant. It is also necessary to pay attention to the battery and the run time without external power. If the laptop will be used as stationary then this criterion is not so important, any model will work for at least 2 hours, there are models that can withstand 8:00 active battery life.

Then select the hard disk size, RAM and video card. Accordingly, the higher the performance of these devices, the higher the price of the product as a whole. The characteristics of these devices, one chooses to fit your needs starting from the options. Not unimportant factor choosing a laptop is its convenience in use (usability) that includes a suitable keyboard and pointing devices, ease of placement of jacks for connecting external devices. These factors determined by visual inspection machine. User-friendly features are the wireless system, WiFi and bluetooth with which the user can transfer data to other devices in and out of the global Internet network. There are also imedzhivye model, designed studios design known brands such models to the fore epotazhnost appearance, and then the technical characteristics and functionality of the device. Typically, such models are much higher in price range and have a narrow range of buyers. Do not forget about the weight of the device, it is all still hand-held.

WEP Host

Secure Shell is able to sustain not only terminal session and file transfer. Scp command is very similar to the standard command cp. The difference is that the source or recipient, must contain the address of the host, example: scp-p root @ host: / var / log / mail.Log scp-pr somedir hostname: First Team mail.Log downloads a file from a remote server. The second copy direktoriyutselikomtselikom user's home directory on another server. Habitual way of working with remote files – FTP, but it is not safe, because the data and passwords transmitted unencrypted. OpenSSH contains SecureFTP server that runs on linux systems by default. Most FTP-clients now support SFTP. Try to connect to @ hostname, to view the user's home directory.

SCP and SFTP use the same authentication method, like SSH, but if you configure the keys, they too will work. So far we have learned how to use SSH to configure secure remote terminal or remotely run X-applications, but because he has there is something else – SSH channel can be used as a tunnel for the other compounds, even if it's a different connection transmits data in clear text. Because the data passes through an encrypted channel, they are protected from prying eyes. This is especially useful if you use a wireless connection that is protected by WEP. Install the SSH-tunnel can be so: ssh-f-N-L 4321: home.Network: 25-f argument runs SSH in the background, and-N means that do not need to execute commands.

Redirecting handled by option-L, the host 3 parameters: first – the local port number (must be at least 1024, if you do not root), the second – the server to redirect, and the third – the port number on that server. At the end of the specified name user and remote host computer that will perform the redirect. Keep in mind, the host name in the mid-L option is allowed on a remote server, and you can enter localhost, but it is a potential confusion. Result command will look like if you have e-mail client to use localhost on port 4321 as server SMTP, which will be redirected through a secure channel on port 25 (standard port for SMTP) to home.Network. Want to – redirect traffic to another server, but the data will be encrypted only in the first section of the route (to the SSH server). This can be used if your firewall or proxy server does not allow connection to a specific server or port. SSH can do much more, and all through encrypted, authenticated connections. There are plenty of unexplored – what are you waiting for?


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