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Mobile Phones

Ways to connect mobile devices (phones, smartphones, PDAs) and computer (laptop): 1) Data-cable 2) IR 3) Bluetooth 4) Wi-Fi Let's examine each type of connection: 1) Connecting with Data-cable provides first high-speed data transmission. Cable also provides the ability to perform many useful operations such as editing the registry, install and uninstall programs. You do not need, except the data-cable and driver disk. Less of this compound is that it is necessary to connect the device and keep it 'tied' to a computer. This shortage is deprived of wireless communications. The downside could also be considered and that the universal cable No – that is, when you change your phone you may need to be replaced and the cable. There are several types of cable – for easy transfer of files to pereprogramirovaniya / flashing the phone, and combines all these properties, but More and charging unit.

The latter option is preferable, but expensive. You decide. 2) Connection with infrared port is already obsolete. IR ports are replaced Bluetooth. The drawbacks of such a compound set, and benefits (communication without wires) are insignificant. Disadvantages: – Infrared USB device and an infrared port in your computer (or built into the laptop) to see each other directly at a distance of 50 inches – an extremely slow speed of transfer and acceptance – in violation of communication (the emergence of barriers, etc.) connection is dropped. 3) Connection via Bluetooth has its advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage – the possibility of synchronization devices using radio frequencies beyond the line of sight (an average of approximately 10 meters).

This compares favorably with the compound of the Bluetooh of a connection with the infrared port. Especially since the majority of modern mobile phones equipped with a chip Bluetooth. To connect the device you need a Bluetooth receiver and the type of Bluetooth-USB-adapter to the computer. 4) Connect to Wi-Fi (another high-speed way to transfer digital data over radio channels, acting in a radius of 30 meters indoors and 300 meters in open spaces) will only light holders handhelds, smartphones and mobile phones last generation. It is devoid of all defects predecessors. That says it all …

Wireless Java

For example, at the beginning of this year, not only to all residents of eu countries, but all phones have correctly understood the 'Euro'. As for adding new features at flashing, it is quite rare. But these precedents do happen. For example, to flash Siemens SL45, you can get the support of Wireless Java (the ability to download extra applications), Nokia 6210 can be stitched with software from 6250, as a result of what gets a function of the latter, the same applies to the pair Ericsson T10 – Ericsson T18. Some phones with new firmware and get new games. For example, in Nokia 8310 game 'Snowboard' appeared only in the 4.4 version firmware. Yet one of the most desired changes in the firmware for the majority of Russian-speaking users – add support for Russian language in the menu system and predictive text input T9.

Russian T9 and other 3310-Radostin biased opinion of the author, most of the pros change software owners get the Nokia 3310, circulated a cheap device, manufactured by the third year. The latest firmware version 5.57, created in July of this year, includes a system for text input T9 to Russian, and very good! Its volume Russian dictionary is nearly four times the size of a dictionary of German (130 Kb to 35 Kb). Truly great and mighty Russian language! Vocabulary T9 is simply amazing – the topic can safely write a separate article. T9 familiar to many famous people, or more precisely, their names – for example, the entire spectrum of politicians from Putin to and Zyuganov, including Nemtsov and .

Samsung GtI Galaxy

Regarding The design Samsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S business phone Samsung introduced a modification of a high quality that combines a stylish appearance and extensive functionality in today’s communicator. An impressive range of technical features that are concentrated in this model, particularly likely to appeal to people with active life position, who admire the limiting characteristics. Technocratism model and emphasizes the close-coupled design, and extremely concise design and ergonomics, and solid size 122.6×64.5×10.1mm at the bar weights just 118 grams. Glossy front surface of the fiberglass model, reliably is protected from scratches, serves as a touch screen. Implemented in the model display technology SuperAMOLED, and provides a resolution 480x800tochek impressive richness and clarity. The level of emission matrix, in combination with a palette of 16.7mln. colors can affect anyone follower TFT-screen.

In addition, the display GT-I9000 Galaxy S differs remarkably subtle performance matrix. The use of small lithium – ion Battery capacity 1500mAch provides for a day at: one hour of telephone conversations per day, two hours of music listening, one hour of active use Wi-Fi; one hour of navigation with the use of GPS; systematic updating postal functions. Model Samsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S is equipped with a Samsung S5PC110, made on the basis of technology Cortex A8, slightly modified, with exposed rib clock frequencies at 1 GHz. Main value of this element is effective CPU, a video decompressor sverhproizvoditelnom with speeds up to 30 frames per second, in the presence of an accelerator OpenGL-grafPowerVRSGX540, capable of handling up to 90mln. objects that far ahead competitors. Pictures taken the camera, impeccable balance and vary the sharpness, they are quite suitable for printing in format A6-A5. Evening – not the best for a photo shoot, but in daylight the camera Galaxy S in 5-megapixel can substitute for any ultra-compact unit. Available smartphone – 512 MB of RAM and almost 2GB of memory to store system data, as well as many items for sverhaktualnyh use cellular networks, the organization of sound processing, the use of wireless communication services, play unconverted video, providing navigation through GPS-receiver and shooting with HD-quality.

In the GT-I9000 Galaxy S implemented a software platform Android 2.1 running Linux, as a tool for organizing user interface has been used Touch Wiz 3. Android 2.1 platform includes a number of programs like Maps, Search, Talk, Mail, and a great number widgets that can simplify the use of various services such as Facebook. The technical side of the model is striking, so GT-I9000 Galaxy S is effective. The smartphone has a number of new opportunities that constantly feel as if, with buy it you turned a page of technical history, “iron” in this model, unequivocally, the best design of a stylish display of any higher praise. Really smart phone, use this – a pure pleasure!


Cell phone Nokia N97 mini – is the brother of fashion version of the Nokia N 97, which has different dimensions (113mmx52.5mmh14.5mm), less memory, and therefore the cost of the smartphone below. Basically, it's all the differences between the brothers Nokia N97. Key features of Nokia N97 Mini is the same as and that of its predecessor. Smartphone designed for a certain platform, S60 (fifth edition), and focused mainly on online-services. According to its uniform factor of Nokia N97 Mini – a slider (side), which has a full keyboard QWERTY, fine in the hand and weighs one hundred thirty-eight grams. Smartphone supports memory cards microSD, has an internal memory of 8 GB (32 GB predecessor). Nokia N97 Mini has two colors – garnet (Garnet) and black cherry (Cherry Black), with a metal trim bezel.

The rear side of metal. When opening the angle between the phone's keypad and the screen is 35 degrees. NOKIA N97 Mini display has a diagonal of 3.2 inches, 640×360 pixels resolution and can display more than 16 million colors. Proximity sensor (Proximity sensor) – the unusual ability of the phone. When the user brings the smartphone to the face, the sensor immediately automatically locks the screen. The volume of the battery of 1200mAh, which provides up to 320 hours the phone in standby for up to seven hours of talk time, as well as continuous music playback around thirty hours. Nokia N97 Mini has a camera with optics Carl-Zeiss, which has a resolution of five megapixels, LED flash and auto focus that allows you to make wonderful pictures. Communications of the smartphone has Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR, and also has a module to support wireless Wi-Fi. The positive point is the presence in the cellular FM radio. In a word, N97 Mini has all the qualities neeobhodimymi that the flagship N97.

BA Earpiece Transmitter

Price below.) 4. Telephone – not included kit. (This kit does not fit all phones.) BA Earpiece with a wireless inductive receiver. Buyers prefer it. 1. Earpiece. (Inserted into the ear.) 2. Wireless inductive receiver.

Why wireless? – Because the induction transmitter (which in each figure by number 2) do not need to connect to the phone via cable, it works with bluetooth and a radius of 10 meters, which is very convenient if the exam ban to go with the phones. Fits all phone numbers where there is a bluetooth.) 3. Wired microphone. Why Wireless? – Since the transmitter is connected to the induction (which is on each figure by number 2) using a wire. (Very convenient if on the exam otstegnetsya, do not fall somewhere, and will hang on the wire, never lost, the radius of audibility of a few meters, so it will be heard. Price is lower. 4.

Telephone – not included. (This kit fit all phones where there is a bluetooth.) As well pass the exam! 1. Buy earpiece 2. Find a person 'X' assistant, who will send you the information in the earpiece on the exam. 3. You must prepare the sources from which people 'X' will take the necessary information. (For example, books, internet – make a bookmark) 4. You must have a cell phone, but a person 'X' can help you from a payphone, mobile phone, home phone calls over the Internet and TE even from another city and another country. 5. If you use an earpiece thoroughly clean the ear canal (to do this each time you use an earpiece). Beware of imitations! 1. Be sure to check presence of logos! Example. 2. On the original headset must be present logo. – If the system is connected via connector hands-free (when it's wired inductive transmitter connects to the phone) a proprietary hologram should be located near the plug which is stuck to the phone. – If the system is connected via bluetooth, brand name is on the bluetooth-transmitter (a transmitter induction wire in contact with phone using bluetooth on up to 10 meters). Example. Article author: Dmitry Medvedev. 2010

Bluetooth GPS

The decision to buy a Nokia 6600 slide in the first place there for those who appreciate the stylish appearance, ease of use and wide range of functions. The new model phone from the Finnish manufacturer is surprising for its relatively small size – it fits comfortably in your palm. Performed in a popular form factor 'slider', Nokia 6600 slide smoothly open from light finger movements. Phone is made from a unique alloy materials for aerospace practice technology, and the front panel accommodates center key, made of painted aluminum. Your phone has a nice camera with 3.2 megapixel, autofocus and flash, giving you an opportunity to take photos excellent quality and shoot video. Double-tap the external display you can operate the phone – for example, to reset the call, mute, switch off the alarm, etc. TFT-LCD with a very comfortable resolution of 240×320 pixels (size – 2.2 inch) can display 16 million colors. For those who want to buy the Nokia 6600 slide, will be a welcome addition to the existing phone application Nokia Maps, which will not get lost even in the big city. You can use the features on Nokia Maps maximum, connecting via Bluetooth GPS-module together with a navigation license. Own internal memory of Nokia 6600 slide phone is small for this class – 'only' 18 MB, so comfortable listening to music (of course, the phone a built-in player and FM-radio – a mandatory standard for all new products) it is desirable to connect a memory card – microSD format is supported with up to 4 GB. The battery in the Nokia 6600 slide offers up to 4 hours talk time and 340 hours of expectations.