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Marketing Hotel

Posted by Juan on February 13, 2018 with Comments Closedas , , , , ,

Day after day, millions of users surfing the web in search of products and services, and one of the most popular in cyberspace is undoubtedly the hotel marketing. Recently, several studies have shown that 90% of people who have planned a trip conducted online consultations about reservation of tickets, hotels, tourist attractions etc. A lot of companies related to tourism and hospitality have not turn a deaf ear to this trend and therefore offer their services through the web. Given the large number of sites of this type, the implementation of strategies that increase the visibility of the brand to online level has become an essential part of the marketing of the company. Hotels and restaurants not only have to compete every day with new establishments that are incorporated into the market, they must articulate strategies to attract a lawsuit more unfaithful everyday looking to monetize your money with the best products and services. We must not forget that the customer, today, crawls on the network, looking for rooms with their bonds or select offers of promotion that continuously advertised, make reservations in restaurants of culinary fusion, tries to find the new cuisine at good prices and is happy travelling where offer them an all inclusive. For all this and more, Marketing becomes an essential element of management and only those who know how to move in these turbulent and challenging waters may aspire to achieve what you propose.

The marketing concept has evolved much since its ancient meaning as a synonym for sales, distribution, advertising or market research. Nations and companies in development are increasingly paying more attention to this discipline, the hotel marketing, given their need to compete effectively in today’s tough markets. There are different interpretations regarding the breadth of the contents of the hotel marketing and in general: to) Marketing as a synonym for advertising, promotion and sales action. (b) Marketing as a set of methods or market research systems. (c) Marketing as a driving system. This last concept is one that is oriented to the entire company and its members to meet needs and desires of consumers, which are economic opportunities for her. Only discovering the motivations and desires of buyers, or guests, the hotel may achieve their own goals of growth and profitability in any of the areas of the same.

Radio Regulations

Posted by Juan on January 22, 2016 with Comments Closedas

" A large and qualified delegation of Argentina participated in the meeting held in the U.S., at which established the necessary protection of the confidentiality of telecommunications, called the Radio Regulations annexed to the Convention to the International Telecommunication Union (National Law 23 478), related to the United Nations Charter (Art. 41). Since then and in every international meeting of the International Radio Consultative Committee (ITU-R), the plenipotentiaries confirmed and not edit it pertains to confidentiality with the duty of caring for the States Members of the entity. In the case of radio links, it should be noted today that there is a significant data traffic (Internet) using wireless, point-point or point-area (spread spectrum: 2486 giga hertz or a 5 giga hertz – and "high density "above the 3.4 giga hertz, more than 10 giga hertz) Law 19.798, makes explicit reference to the actions of interference (negative) or the interception and regulates the Radio Regulations is part of the text of the Telecommunications Act itself . Consideration should also note that in the broadcast services (Transmit-receive) are verified means of transmission and spread spectrum modulation (where perhaps only a technical check would verify the existence of "noise"), Frequency hopping, ionospheric scatter propagation, tropospheric scatter propagation or meteor burst, and others intercontinental range, contending or not encrypted traffic officer safety, crime prevention, or legitimate private or services classified as open to the public or contending financially sensitive information, linking natural or legal persons. It is necessary to distinguish that the prohibition to decrypt traffic emissions by radio control, could not prevent the reception and decryption of the topographic location of a broadcast, in degrees minutes and seconds in latitude and longitude, could identify a national or international issuer.