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Radio Regulations

" A large and qualified delegation of Argentina participated in the meeting held in the U.S., at which established the necessary protection of the confidentiality of telecommunications, called the Radio Regulations annexed to the Convention to the International Telecommunication Union (National Law 23 478), related to the United Nations Charter (Art. 41). Since then and in every international meeting of the International Radio Consultative Committee (ITU-R), the plenipotentiaries confirmed and not edit it pertains to confidentiality with the duty of caring for the States Members of the entity. In the case of radio links, it should be noted today that there is a significant data traffic (Internet) using wireless, point-point or point-area (spread spectrum: 2486 giga hertz or a 5 giga hertz – and "high density "above the 3.4 giga hertz, more than 10 giga hertz) Law 19.798, makes explicit reference to the actions of interference (negative) or the interception and regulates the Radio Regulations is part of the text of the Telecommunications Act itself . Consideration should also note that in the broadcast services (Transmit-receive) are verified means of transmission and spread spectrum modulation (where perhaps only a technical check would verify the existence of "noise"), Frequency hopping, ionospheric scatter propagation, tropospheric scatter propagation or meteor burst, and others intercontinental range, contending or not encrypted traffic officer safety, crime prevention, or legitimate private or services classified as open to the public or contending financially sensitive information, linking natural or legal persons. It is necessary to distinguish that the prohibition to decrypt traffic emissions by radio control, could not prevent the reception and decryption of the topographic location of a broadcast, in degrees minutes and seconds in latitude and longitude, could identify a national or international issuer.

Factory Repairs

Managing the factory of services with the system SatNetwork the SAT the factories on watch technical frequently are seen it jeopardize in superfluous tasks that complican the work and are delaying the tasks more and more. As the factory grows and the level of repairs is greater becomes impossible to take an order without a quality tool allows that it. With the SAT system of SatNetwork ( it is possible to load spare parts in the stock, to realise movements, to enter replacements of components, to assign the models in which the same are used, to look for parts by different concepts (code, description, model, application, etc.), to sell spare parts, to organize the stock of repair manuals, to valorize stock and to revalue increasing it the values by a coefficient, to load new distributors of spare parts with its respective costs, to control several deposits at the same time, to request spare parts for a service or stock. As far as the service area it will be able: to enter repair orders, to handle to direct services and guarantees of different companies, to realise reimbursements, to accept reclamations, to enter the accessories that are given with the equipment, to agendar appointments for domiciliary visits, to arm the trip tickets of the technicians of addresses, to add notes with information for factory (the same will be presented/displayed the technician whenever it consults a repair), to control the present state of the repairs, to budget, to take sign and to invoice the service, to assign the pending tasks, you order to print them of repair and delivery of the equipment, to look for a repair by different concepts (number of order on watch, client, telephone, movable telephone, direction, series of the equipment, model, number of guarantee, factory code). The control on the clients will be total, being able to agendar them and to look for them according to name, address, locality or telephone, to handle accounts for special clients, to send mail&#039 automatically; s or sms s with the present state of the equipment, to send to the great clients an email with the pending repairs by budget, to notify to the same the aim of the repair, to arm remitos and to invoice repairs by groups, to allow the clients to consult the state of its equipment through Internet. Other characteristics of the system will make the task of the administration of the much more dynamic company. Between these characteristics they stand out: daily box, monthly report of repairs, customized listings, agenda of contacts, personalisation of the legal data of the company, personalisation of type of currency and tributary situations according to the country, 350 different statistical graphs, generation of administrative reports (teams, commissions of the technicians, hours worked by the employees, states of all the repairs in factory), to create accounts of users of the system to limit its access the same, complete management of profiles of users, to enter technical and new factories the staff. The constant development of this application assures to always have the latest in technology, SatNetwork sends periodically last information referring to the updates of the product that are leaving. Also it is possible to accede to the site and to internalise themselves of the last advances in the system and to obtain evaluative versions before deciding the purchase. Source: SatNetwork Computer science Systems Info@