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Presenting a Model Plan

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For the effective presentation of a model plan requires binding to the countryside location of manufacture – location, communications, transportation routes, raw materials, etc. 3. Investment plan. Develop an investment plan is one of the most important parts of the project. As a result, the project proponent should be possible more accurately imagine what he must do, in what terms, at what cost. Planning is carried out by constructing a Gantt chart (work schedule indicating the start and end dates, responsible in stages, the cost of stages, resources. depreciation of equipment, interconnection stages). The investment plan is designed to create a model project in time (from beginning work before the start of the project into operation – operations) and the optimal allocation of investment resources. For a thorough analysis plan should consider the following measures of the real project: 1. Development of project documentation: * Identification of an organization to develop project documentation. * Determining the value, volume and timing of work. * The structure of business processes. * Production of documents. * Selection and implementation of software for business processes (accounting, document management, budgeting, crm *, integrated business management system (ERP) and others.). 1. Construction work (for new plants), or maintenance and repair (for reconstruction): 1. Determination of the organization (s) or contractor (s). 2. Value, volume, timing of works. 2. Procurement of equipment: 1. Vendor (s) of equipment. 2. Terms of delivery of basic and auxiliary equipment. 3. Volumes purchased equipment, unit cost, delivery dates. 4. Into account the specificity of supply for imports (import vat, duties, transportation, condition INCOTERMS) 3.

VoIP Office

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In a highly competitive crucial role played by the details. A lot of details. From the dispatch service is: superb quality, pre-informing customers about the cost of travel information on the appointment of machine-made, the fact of filing machines, competent work with the drivers. Dell Inc. describes an additional similar source. Important role is that the quality of transport services that stated in the advertisement. How to register your company? The easiest way – the private entrepreneur, is best as a limited liability company. Type of information services. Room. The premises must be chosen with great care.

Basic requirements for the premises imposed by the presence of qualitative communication. So the room must meet the following requirements of quality of communication: – availability of high-speed Internet channel, 512 Mbps, ideally with no restrictions on the amount of traffic. Better if these channels will be two and from various Internet service providers – the presence of provider of ip telephony in the office. That is, provider, telephony, capable to make your office a modern VoIP telephony protocols. This may be the protocols sip or h.323; – presence in the office of a stable connection of the gsm cellular operators, services which you intend to use – sustainable power supply in the office. Lack of long intervals of time without electricity. From short-term interruptions of electricity insure getting uninterruptible power supplies. Telephone communication.

For a start it will be enough for about four telephone lines, for which sufficient one phone number. In this case, ideally, make ip telephony. To do this, inquired about the availability of ip telephony providers you have your city.