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Human Meetings

Posted by Juan on October 7, 2014 with Comments Closedas

But careful: if you're a mere mortal privileged belonging to that sect of the human species still has a job, or at least belongs to a group where it has enough sympathy to be regularly invited to meetings, it is likely that frequently seen on the necessity of submitting to martyrdom spending a good part of his life attending meetings that do not want and definitely do not want to be. You, dear friend, affectionately received this advice: Do not be punish or scold. In life you can not give papaya and less when it comes to labor issues. So, resign yourself, say goodbye to their other plans, their work seriously, their commitments and assist real obedient and submissive to your meeting. However, BC between us, but nobody hears May, I want good news: suffering is not inevitable. At least it will not be if you follow these instructions: 1.

Never arrive on time. Who convene meetings usually are not interested in starting on time. Axial, do not be anxious, take time for your other activities and introduce yourself at least half an hour late. If other idiots do not have it in advance, you will be the first to arrive. 2. Bring plenty of paper for drawing daubs and scrawled phrases that only you understand. This will achieve two objectives: firstly believe that you are very focused on meeting and, on the other, you will be a good material for evidence when writing an article on the futility of the meetings.