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Presents, surprises and souvenirs, gifts for men has always been an indicator of attention, good location and care. In our days, giving branded souvenirs became part of a successful business and increase sales. In the western store at the front cash register, you can find a box of chocolates or cookies. Many stores in Turkey, the UAE and Egypt, offers coffee, tea or soft drinks. The owner of a car dealership introduced rule that each customer with the bill will receive a complimentary chocolate. In some hotels you find on your pillow a little sweetness or fruit. The list goes on, but the message is clear: with or without a reason to present your customers are small surprises.

This creates a positive attitude zapomnitsya.Eto to your firme.Eto appreciated. That's what they say on the subject the authors of the book "Created for others to enjoy. Humanizm comes to business, "" Gifts are different. In principle, the gift can be any object. Expensive, cheap, bulk, personal, beautiful and ugly …. As gifts are important comfort someone who gives, and comfort the one who give.

In the comfort of someone who gives, all determine preferences (for example, are very popular author glassware – and giving to health). In the comfort of the one who give, all determine the limits (for example, if you know that are allergic to lilies, you ask, that bunch was drawn without the colors). Accordingly, the assistant ask not only that the boss likes, but also about what he dislikes. Before you order a gift, think about what will be discussed as a greeting. In other words, in the beginning it is important to determine what to say when giving, and only then look for gift idea or the object itself. Be sure to decide – you want to make a gift to practical (vase, book, desk unit, a scarf) or Your gift will be subject to jewelry (a statuette, a trap for dreams, picture). Make a list of persons to whom you'll be giving gifts during the year. Understand who needs to make an individual gift, to whom do range of shops who pregotovlena pre-prepared "Souvenirs" and who just need a phone call. Do not forget the unexpected invitation. Speaking candidly Pete Cashmore told us the story. Your list must be the year of birth, not to skip anniversary. "In the selection of promotional gifts and gifts is important to consider different lines of business. For example, if a company engaged in the production of alcoholic beverages – as a promotional souvenir suit bottle branded with the logo. And if the company sells sporting goods, souvenirs can be T-shirts, hats, or, for example, balls. If the company's business is related to creativity, it is necessary to choose an unusual promotional souvenirs and gifts. These benefits will show creative ideas company, as well as good taste and creativity. One In short, the original brand-name advertising items and exclusive business gifts attracted enormous attention and find a positive response in the human soul. Practice shows that well-chosen promotional gifts and gifts greatly assist in advancing the company's business – the market. In – the first, representative souvenirs, a priori, recalls the company's donors. And in the – second, helps to increase loyalty among the staff as companies as well, and potential partners and customers. All this helps to improve sales, and consequently, revenues. Request a price list

What to Expect in Businesses

State action in the regulation of economic processes in the country can be assessed differently. Some of them, listing the main results of last year, talking about the crusade in the gaming business and has become a farce "Anti-alcohol campaign", while others tend to see a string of initiatives absurd system of regulation, the effect of which is difficult to feel instantly. Particular attention in the past year was devoted to improving corporate law, said Andrei Pushkin, ceo Tenzor Consulting Group. In accordance with the concept of corporate law for a period up to 2008 were adopted by the federal laws that make changes in the procedure of acquiring a big stake in the joint stock company. Established new requirements for the content of contracts of mergers and acquisitions, as well as decisions on the reorganization of society in the form division, separation or transformation. Changes in the laws on securities market valuation activities in the Russian Federation. Finally, we developed projects to strengthen the fight with corporate claws, and in this area are actively using the Western experience of corporate management. Indeed an important event for the Russian business was the adoption in 2006 of the Federal Law "On Protection of Competition." The main innovation: from 65% to 50% lowered the threshold market share of the economic entity, acting sign of "dominance": the new frontier is the practice of most eu countries. By enhancing the regulatory framework for activities in special economic zones, the authorities decided, and the problem of capacity investment inflows into the country.

Economic Benefits

Have the right goal: the right strategy should aim to obtain economic benefits. Economic benefits present when the consumer is willing to pay for a product more than the cost of its production. If the aim is to gain market share or sales volume, behind which, presumably, be followed by profit, strategy, as There are usually unsuccessful. The same happens when policies are put at the heart of the desire of investors. 2. Help the company to offer value or benefits that distinguish it from its competitors: a strategy in this case is neither a search universal tool for winning over the competition, nor an attempt to be all things to all customers. It determines the path of competitiveness, during which the company offers a unique value, which is expressed either in peculiar combination of uses or for special combinations of consumers.

3. Reflected in certain value chain: to gain a competitive advantage the company should or do something else than its competitors, or do the same thing as their competitors, but in another way. The company must configure the process of production, logistics, maintenance, marketing, personnel management and so on in another way than its competitors, and all these actions must be configured in unison with a unique proposal, which the company does. If the company is engaged in copying the best existing in the industry, very soon it will be the same as everyone else and would be difficult to get a competitive advantage. 4. Imply a rejection of all superfluous: the company must abandon some features of your product, service or activity in order to maintain its uniqueness.

Proper Installation

The boiler must be installed by personnel authorized by the Ministry of industry, while respecting the laws and regulations in force in the matter, however, it will be necessary to meet the following general recommendations when it comes to the installation of the boiler: the boiler location must be installed in a sufficiently ventilated. This type of boiler chimney is essential to that connecting to a chimney, chimney being understood that flue pipe that is capable of creating a depression. You should make sure a depression of 2 mm. at the exit of the boiler, so it is advisable to:-must have adequate insulation. -It must be independent, building a chimney for each boiler. -It must be vertical and upper 45 angles should be avoided. -It should extend beyond a metre of the ridge of the roof or any adjoining building.

-You must always have the same section, still advised circular and never less than the diameter of the boiler outlet. However, they should always be constructed according to the rules of existing installation. Note: If do not get the necessary depression, problems can have on the provision of oxygen for combustion, so the boiler can give less Kcal than indicated. Hydraulics hydraulic installation should be installed by qualified personnel, respecting the regulations of existing installation (RITE) and taking into account the following recommendations:-the boiler must be installed in open circuit. -A trap should be mounted in the boiler so that air bags do not form. -Must be fitted, also a key for emptying in the Jack provided for this purpose in the boiler.

-Before of the wiring of the boilers should be an interior cleaning installation tubes thoroughly. -It is recommended to collate cutting between the boiler and the installation keys, in order to simplify the maintenance work. Electrical connection the boiler is prepared for connection to 220/230 V on pins 1 and 2.