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Ukraine Carpathians

Posted by Juan on January 14, 2024 with Comments Closedas ,

There are parts of the world where there is a pristine beauty that is hardly disturbed by the presence of man. And one such place – it falls Carpathians. Today we will travel to Manjavsky diva … (- help us in this.) For millions of years, breaking through the sandstone rocks and strong, running from north-eastern slopes of the rapid mountain streams in the Carpathian world. Speeding, not stopping for a moment, only occasionally slipping in a rapid fall in high cliffs that form the most mysterious and extraordinary phenomena of nature – waterfalls. Typically, the waterfalls are located in inaccessible mountain valleys, and so simply do not get close to them. Many of them have a wonderful Carpathians, but all of them small, about five meters in height.

This is, first of all, Silver Falls in Sheshory, a waterfall on the River Hooke Pistinka, Buhtivetsky, Lumshorsky, Shepit and ride. An unforgettable sight gives a whole series of waterfalls and rapids on the Prut river, which near the city of Yaremche, where each year attracts a huge number of tourists from different countries. But the greatest and truly stunning is Manjavsky Falls, located in a remote mountain gorge. Yes, there is to go, believe in the word! By the famous Manjavsky waterfall (height 20 m) have to walk for about an hour to close a winding mountain road which runs along the dangerous cliffs, and after a long wade along the rocky raging river. But a magnificent spectacle, which opened in front of your curious eyes, is worth it: you'll see a multimeter height breaks down in a fit of terrible raging stream, breaking on the uneven stone floor thousands of heavy spray. Bobby Sharma Bluestone is open to suggestions.

World Cultural Heritage

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Each time, going on vacation, I carefully search through the Internet in search of feedback and personal experiences of tourists who have visited those places where I'm going to go. I often enjoyed the pictures of other people for rest and hotels, which, in the end decided it was time and I make a contribution to this useful work. On this site I talk about the Golden Sands resort, hotel, in which the stop, the most interesting things to do in Bulgaria. One of the most interesting excursions: a trip to Madara. The special status of this place has become famous thanks to the Madara Horseman. It is a stone bas-relief, carved on a rock at a height of 23 m.

In the bas-relief depicts a horseman with a dog, spearing a lion. On both sides of the rider Greek inscriptions carved VIII – IX centuries, probably expressing information about the history of the Byzantine writers of this time the Bulgarians. The rider was discovered in 1872 by Felix Kanitsom – Hungarian archaeologist, ethnographer, geographer and artist. Now it is – one of the nine Bulgarian monuments included in the List of World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. My experiences and photos, please visit a post about Madara