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Posted by Juan on May 24, 2017as

Technical papers and articles online as proof of competence. My essay and articles strategy! As you know, our world is becoming increasingly complex with progressive evolution. As a result, our 3 worlds – be private / leisure, hobby/leisure and vocational (work-life balance) – more complicated and confusing. We know more and more (wikipedia) but understand less and less. Official information (press, TV) have been analyzed many years ago, specialized and personalized. We understand the world but only in simultaneous generalization (synthesis, and logic). I declare the Asian the part and the whole principle elements, relationships or connections: children learn faster when shopping at the weekly market than in the frontal small 1 x 1. For more specific information, check out Peter Asaro.

So, I hoe the people at the famous detail, she lead back to the unknown whole – and again. So that they can more easily manage complexity. Here my most important success strategy key points: A basic theme of my seminar offerings, such as psychology, will to a General Topic, such as Palestine, described! Motto: recognize the basics in practical application. Your own layout and an individual spelling, I reach a higher read speed and density of information! Special loading grips are now in () explains (US method), such as font(EDV-Zeichensatz). Often, I deliberately violate DUDEN & co. Everyone understands even the most difficult contexts, such as evolution and neg entropy if they explain easy! The small and the great, as well as the theory and the practice are linked. Information are either visualized with graphs, etc.! Information is either reduced: for example, from 600 pages repeated on 6 pages information! Article links are in facebook + twitter etc.

published several times. Here can to respond competently to published comments and statements with an attachment link. Article links can send email + Skype send. All articles are in my information center at WWWSchwalm free of charge! Also the article link list and the article itself also there are read, or be downloaded as .pdf. Also the press contact is located here! At, you can also read and down loaded the article! (Copyright C) 2011 by Wolfgang Schwalm), all rights reserved!