Strategic Plan

Posted by Juan on April 25, 2018

These relationships with the outside world usually known as inputs and outputs of the system. For our purposes, the definition of system shall be us useful to study the way in which institutions or foundations, which are systems, manage the information needed for its operation. For this we rely not only on the system definition, but in all the techniques created for the analysis of systems following the systemic approach or general systems theory, which presents the particularity of offering different aspects within a whole. An information system can be defined as interrelated processes that are performed on a collection of structured data to collect, develop and distribute information according to the needs of the institution and for relevant activities of management and control (decision-making) according to their business strategy. Although all types of communication and information flowing through the company may have importance for its management of information and knowledge in foundations performance, the quasi-totality of information system definitions focus on formalized information. Many authors clarified that the reason for this approach lies in the limitation to study, plan and direct the flow and the treatment of the informal information (rumours, dialogues personal or by phone, etc.) so cohesive and comprehensive. All information system pursues objectives that can be systematized in two give proper support for the strategies of the institution, and the second is to provide the information needed to control the activities of the same at all levels of the institution. By this, information should be used as a resource that it should be planned, management nothing institutional and controlled so that it can be more effective for the institution, generally through its framing within the Strategic Plan of the Foundation.