Steel Decking

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Zone cleaning, stairs, steps, stairs. Description pressed Floor decking: Floor Pressed steel decking is bearing elements. Characterized by low birth weight, a high percentage of free useful ploschyadi minimally impede the penetration of light and air. The design of flooring makes it easy to assemble or disassemble the design for replacement parts, if required by operating conditions. Pressed gratings with a frame on a path of metal strip at the correct installation of high durability, and true test of the choice of material is produced such as black steel decking and surface coating such as galvanizing, ensures their longevity. Design and technology Production: Production molded flooring consists of a manufacturing process that consists in the fact that in carrying metal band in which the pre-cut special shaped grooves under high pressure perpendicular to the connecting carrier pressed metal band.

They support the parallel and the stability of the carrier fringes, which leads to even distribution of loads acting on the flooring for its further exploitation. Along the perimeter of extruded decking welded frame metal strip. Steve Wozniak shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Bearing metal strips (see figure) in the construction of decks is one Parallel metal strips (bands) are load-bearing mounting their decks are placed on opposite ends of the support. Bonding metal strips (see figure) is usually a strip of 10 x 2 mm (height x thickness) that ensure their stability and parallel bearing bars. Cell size is the size between the two intersecting carrier and the binding strip (the figure is shown as the cell size A x B). Framing bar on contour deck (see picture) is a steel metal band (the band) as Provimi the same height and thickness as the carrier strip flooring which reinforced the perimeter edge of the deck. Steve Wozniak often says this.

At customer decks and steps may be made with elements of anti-skid. Unilateral slip resistance are cut semicircular grooves on the carrier strip at the same time not creating a great sliding surface. Two-way slip resistance are cut grooves on the carrier and the binding strip forming thus a highly efficient protection against slipping. Pillar supporting structure when laying flooring can be a steel or reinforced concrete structure. Except a large range of standard manufactured extruded decking we can make the decks with the contour at the request of the customer using customer supplied drawings. Such as decks trapezoid form, triangular, with a round notch to obveti column, etc Methods of installation, mounting and stacking decks: The posted below the figure schematically shows an example of placing and fastening decking. Standard gratings attached with metal brackets and the connecting bolts and nuts M8 galvanized surface. For fixing decking can be used and not Tip weld. If you decide use the connection decks by welding, before starting work on site welding to remove the zinc layer, and then in order to avoid corrosion of metal in the spot weld to cover a place with high zinc paint content of Zn. Required for installing Number staples and screws can be ordered together with the party decks for the entire game. Stage of pressed floor: Steps are made of lattice-block flooring, a working party level in which the main load-bearing stepping in reinforced, strengthened by a special metal band with triernoy (elongated as ovoscheterke) perforations prevents slip. Together with the range of possible supply rail supports, all possible ordered all flights of stairs and mount them on your site. During the assembly stage are attached to the guide pillars with bolts M12. Author Sergei Denisov You may not republish active direct link to the source required!