SRO Rulemaking

Posted by Juan on October 9, 2018as

Activities of the self-regulation of the construction sector of the Russian Federation, under the federal law 'On the SROs', should be undertaken on the basis of independence and initiative. Autonomy implies independence from the state and local governments, ie, activities for self-regulation is carried out without interference in its government, which must not provide for this activity influence the method of government guidance or pressure. Resourcefulness is the ability to active self-sufficient, the manifestation of normative creativity, the ability to make proposals for improving regulatory regulation of the institute self-regulation of entrepreneurial activity in the construction and submit them for public discussion. These provisions are implemented through the National Association of SROs. Recall that in the Russian Federation All SROs are required to enter into the construction of the National Association of SROs appropriate form (Art. 55.20 GrKRF). It seems necessary for the purposes of self-regulation changes in the law regarding granting SROs construction of additional powers. In particular, to consolidate the legislation required approval of bills, either directly or indirectly affecting the institution of self-building complex Russian Federation, which will give the corresponding positive effect in terms of elaboration of regulations and consideration of the opinion of the professional community. Development in this direction is already underway, in particular, the Ministry of Regional Development and SROs in the construction of SROs in the design and surveyors concluded a cooperation agreement, whose objectives are the development of self-regulation of the construction industry, improvement of technical management, improvement of legislation on urban planning.