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Posted by Juan on September 28, 2014as

Object-oriented programming language Pascal was invented by N. Wirth in 1968 and was originally intended for teaching students programming skills. Although the creator of the language states that language Pascal has a much more opportunities than just training. Official publication of the language was made in 1970, after which the language became widely known. Over time, began to create a variety of dialects. The very first was a dialect of ucsd Pascal. This dialect gave life to such things as modules, access to files, strings of different sizes, and others. In the early 80’s by Borland had created a second dialect. It was used in the programming environment, Turbo Pascal and the more expensive medium Borland Pascal. In the late ’80s years in the language were added to the possibility of contributing to the object-oriented programming. The latest version of Turbo Pascal was officially released in 1992.

After her came a new version of the programming language – Delphi. Originally Delphi language used in the development environment of Windows. However, the developers at Borland released a product designed for the development of Linux. This language was named Kylix. After the latest released the third version of Kylix, its development was stopped. A real breakthrough in the development of Pascal was the creation of compilers. They provide more opportunities of programming and have contributed to the portability of programs. For example, the famous, Free Pascal allows work in Turbo Pascal and Delphi. There is also a version of the language PascalABC.NET, which is a programming language for the platform, Microsoft.NET. This language was invented in the Southern Federal University, Associate Professor . In addition, there are so-called language interpreter. For example, Larry Pascal, allowing you to create applications for mobile devices. Development of an interpreter was engaged in a talented developer, but he soon abandoned the development of this project and gave the source code to other developers.