Serial Production

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Serial production type is characterized by constant release of quite a large range of products. It determines the method of the party organization of production, when run in production parts or assemblies by the parties of a certain size at a certain steady succession of them over time. This allows you to organize the rhythmic output. In the mass production organization of labor has a more deep specialization than in the unit. Behind every workplace there is enshrined the execution of several specific details of operations. This will improve methods of processing, increases productivity.

Release of products series of relatively large quantities allows for considerable unification of the products and processes, produce normalized or standardized tnye details included in the design Series boloshmi parties, which reduces their costs. The relatively large size of the issue, the stability of the design, standardization of parts can be used along with a special universal high-performance equipment, automatic machines, special tools and supplies. Repeatability in output leads to economic viability for more elaborate process than in a single production. In the technical documentation shall be established modes of processing, equipment, special tooling and scientifically based technical standards of time. Becomes cost-effective to exclude the additional adjustment design by providing the dimensional stability of arriving at an assembly of parts.

This reduces the proportion of hand, especially finishing, works in overall complexity of manufacturing products. At the core manufacturing operations use specialized labor workers of average skill. In general, for batch type of production is characterized by less than individual, labor, materials consumption and cost of a single type of product, since there are higher levels of productivity. The output is organized by cyclically repeating the schedule, during operational and production planning schedules are developed and run production, set a strict order of sequence of products in the shops, sites and workplaces. Serial production of the most diverse (subdivided into three subtypes), and difficult. For batch type of production are all machine-tool company. In the small-and sredneseriynom production is used method of group technology. He especially effective in small-scale production. The essence of the group method is to develop a group process and manufacturing equipment group. For this purpose, all items are grouped on the basis of a constructive and technological similarities, required the same type of process equipment and tooling. From each group stands out the most complicated parts with the rest of the details inherent in the design and technological elements. If the group can not distinguish such detail, it is projected on the basis of existing integrated complex piece, which is designed for tooling, equipment is chosen. Group technology and operations sequence designed with the expectation that they provide any details of the fabrication of the group. If for some specific details of manufacturing operations provided by group technology, are not required, they are on the move production are ignored.