Roxana Gutierrez

Posted by Juan on December 21, 2013

In every manifestation their songs reveal a repudiation the Mayor Enrique Garcia, reject the police repression, report by speakerphone the latest neighbors that look out of the Windows of the buildings in the Maipu Avenue, with their pots and applause, supporting the cause. The last of them, the actress and neighbor of the party, Cecilia Dopazo reported having received threats from the Mayor for having questioned the project in a television program. They sent me a letter document to my house, saying to submit me to reveer my sayings. I replied and never received an answer, said Dopazo to five thousand people against the municipality of Vicente Lopez. The March ended with a pinata that I had drawn the face of Mayor, stuffed with leaflets against the coastal road, Hung opposite the Government building. In turn, not missed your constant claims against police action since on several occasions, they were beaten, jailed and repressed. In the first bicleteadas to the River, the neighbors were delayed by several hours. In the absence of means of communication, the victims reported what happened through social networks from their mobile phones, which could also get images about what was happening at that time.

Mayor Enrique Garcia, until today, never admitted to what happened that day. During the Sunday meeting, discussed the realization of posters in San Martin and the River, the new coastal development that will take place next weekend. In addition, there will be reiki, meditation and yoga for all those who attend the event. In the course of the week will be different activities, in which the Assembly sets to continue this process and what will be the actions to follow. Between mates and cookies, the relationship between Assembly members increasingly is stronger and several friends have already, the cause has United them to defend the green spaces of your municipality. I want that my grandchildren play in the Paseo de la Costa, as my children did excited Roxana Gutierrez, neighbor of the party said.