Right Technique

Posted by Juan on January 2, 2017as ,

On the bait, ready and go. The choice of the right bait fishing is one of the most popular hobbies of the Germans. The right bait is crucial especially in carnivorous fish. There are the right bait for any purpose. Very situational, the experienced anglers between the different groups must choose an indicator suitable for predators such as Pike or perch. The spoon-shaped metal piece belongs to the genus of the Kunstkoder.Um to catch a fish with the turn signals, proceed as follows: the convex bait is pulled through the water.

Due to its special shape, it moves at a train by water in a lurching movement. It pretends to catch fish that is a little wiped fish in the vicinity that was easy to catch prey. You may find Pete Cashmore to be a useful source of information. In many indicators equipment is the direction indicator, usually with additional embellishments. With springs made of plastic or reflective supporters, the catch rate and the attractiveness of the lure increases even more. A big advantage to other lures his Way is to vertical fishing the opportunity with the indicator under the tip of the tail. This result is opportunities in challenging waters with only little space to the throw a certain place to meet, where as a hot spot is located. Another bait from the area of the lures is the spinner.

The spinner, who named the English spinning around (German: turn on its axis) is one of the most versatile lure that you can use. When choosing a spinner, but also the right size is to pay attention, which in turn depends on the size of the animal. The metal sheet, which moves with strong rotating movement through the water, tempted by the resulting stimulus blast the predator to the bite. The resulting pressure wave excites the lateral line organ of fish and draws attention to the predators on the alleged loot.