PBX Equipment

Posted by Juan on March 28, 2014as ,

Company T & T-telecom, which is already more than 10 years of experience in the technology marketplace, and telecommunications, announced the emergence of a new stabilization equipment. Several of the proposed equipment added stabilizers and single phase three-phase AC voltage. As a developer and manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, the company T & T-telecom offers a wide range of wireless equipment, equipment Seal subscriber lines (equipment "last mile"), as well as office digital PBX systems. Stabilizers offered by T & T-telecom, the simplest and most reliable way to protect electrical equipment and appliances for domestic and industrial use from the effects of impulse voltage. Power stabilizers are indispensable devices to protect equipment against surge voltage surges in the mains. Stable performance and high speed voltage control stabilizers help prevent overloads occurring at start-up of electric washing machines, refrigerators, pumps and other electrical appliances without communication interference.

The use of stabilizers ensure high noise immunity for the stable operation of electrical networks with extremely low quality of electricity. Voltage regulators have the most SCM a wide operating input voltage range. Thanks to a patented method of regulation, regulators virtually distort the shape of the output voltage and are characterized by low levels of switching interference. Unlike the vast majority of product manufacturers, voltage SCM have thermal protection that provides increased reliability and fire safety regulator, especially when it work on non-performing facilities.