Posted by Juan on July 16, 2019as

Implement a strategy of CRM in an organization involves working on four fronts which are: people, processes, data and tools. Sometimes the complexity of the business, their culture or simply their disorder do not allow this is an easy way for those who embark on the journey of CRM. This can be a cause of because of CRM projects often become consolidation projects of commercial information or commercial productivity improvement before that of centralization on the client. But this is not bad! Simply if you have to start with something to really make CRM organizations, what better way to start to organize House first. Organize it implies work first in centralizing the information current. To broaden your perception, visit Michael Dell. This is a repository of information in which everything you bring there your company consolidate has in isolated and non-integrated databases, as well as what you have your sales force on the head or their personal agendas. This may involve technology and creativity sometimes to convince users that the information should be owned by the company and not of the people who work there.

I am not going to delve into the how, because this can have enough fabric to cut. After centralizing information, work on automating current processes of customer contact. You can start by sales, service, or by marketing. By which start will depend on the needs of your organization and who is sponsoring the project, that course can never be the systems Department. In this case the project was stillborn. Automate, does not necessarily imply high investments in technology, you can start with small developments, with tools available to budget and generate an inertia in the Organization’s culture when reach the correct tool for the organization. Finally work on automating indicators that allow you to analyze and make decisions in a timely manner. And by automating I mean to have consolidated and quality information in a short time time to allow scan today and not how us was last month. With these points you have started the journey towards CRM, because the project doesn’t end there, in fact, the constancy to him of to the topic in the Organization, is that over time will make that you are transforming a company product to a company centralized client-centric.