Making Books

Posted by Juan on December 31, 2012as

My book that I wrote with my thoughts. Feelings To love, a so good feeling that it makes to float, the desire to love me to feel makes me well, with me and all. The love is so true that it transmits peace, joy, tranquilidade, a full happiness of imaginations. To my they leave me thoughts in very happy peace and, therefore I love liking the life and having always somebody to share, to follow, to help and to give joy at the moments that is necessary. The homesickness is good, therefore it indicates that we like and we value the people who we love that we want well, that we need them to share and to divide sad and happy moments of our lives. Who loves is capable of everything to live happy to the side of the loved person, who loves of truth knows to give love and to receive affection from who also values and loves of truth. In the life we have many feelings, but what it moves these feelings is the reason, therefore if we think good things we will have good and tranquilos feelings, but if we think about bad things we will have negative and sad feelings. An important feeling in the life of the people exists very that is the friendship feeling, however this feeling nor always is found in the people. To have friends is not to have a prize or a thing any, to have friends is as to have a gift that God gave in them. Optimum and true friend is God, therefore it not mind, does not criticize and not juga our attitudes, for the opposite it in the aid very, therefore we need it the time all and it is always present stops always helping in them. He continues