Literal Production

Posted by Juan on November 4, 2012as

Many had sailed for the first time in the world of the reading through Pablo Rabbit, venturing themselves later in other readings. It is as soon as becomes ours ' ' Best Seller' ' Brazilian, a great conducting wire for the reading. A species of bridge for the world of literature. We must acquiring knowledge in them of this. Of the one not to leave judging who you write well or badly in superficial way, are very relative, because the more to read you to people, more people you influence, either of positive form or not. Most curious on this question he is to hear who never read such writer to say that it writes well or badly, simply because somebody spoke that someone writes badly, because read and it did not like.

Therefore it is, the majority of the times, the writer is only judged for what the others say and not for what it writes. The majority of the people criticizes Pablo Rabbit. But it will be that it writes so badly? What this calls me the attention in everything is that millions of people think the opposite. If millions of readers, in the world all if interest for what it has to say, something of good it have. Then I question myself, exists a skill ' ' ideal' ' pra if to write? He is obvious that not, each one has its singularidades, therefore what each author writes can not serve pra me or pra you, but it serves for others. Each reader is a reader, as well as each writer is one, each one has its profiles, its particularitities. Then, which is optimum? It does not exist better.

I perceive that it does not matter if the readers like or not what the writer writes, contanto they read that it, therefore, it write well, if millions of readers it leem e, if to stop to read, it writes badly. Soon, to write welfare directly is atrelado to the public who you reach. How much bigger its public, better you write, how much lesser, worse writer you is. After all, Pablo Rabbit is one pssimo writer as the critical o judges? Academic of the Course of Letters and After-Graduanda in Reading and Literal Production for the University of Caxias of Sul (UCS).