Licensed Software

Posted by Juan on September 28, 2013as

In this post I want to share my experience: to tell you how important it is for Moneymaker use licensed software, and how he make money on it. It of course will focus on licensing software critical demand – operating systems, antivirus, firewall, antispam Agree that such software is actually on any computer connected to the Internet – it is vital. But here is the quality of it and how can trust him – is the question. So what problems may arise in this regard? Yes, of course, still too many people in the cis use pirated software. It seems to say – historically, whether that formed. Prices for licenses there have been very visible and "unfeasible? for most users. The Internet was a novelty. And why spend a significant amount to the program, if any radio market you can buy for ridiculous money drive by a diverse set of pirated software, the total value of which is thousands of dollars. But let's see! As mentioned above, this is a critical software such as operating system or antivirus – packages such as Delphi or CorelDraw worth thousands of dollars will not be considered. Answer yourself the question – installing on your computer, cracked or hacked Vindous antivirus – how you can be confident in the reliability of this software? Where is the guarantee that in the worst case, the system has not built a malicious code, and at best – it will work correctly, do not tolerate failures and do not miss the bugs? How to update an unlicensed Vindous, which does not pass check on servers Microsoft Update? But this update is often vital – it is through the hole in the creation of Bill Gates & Co.