Internet Networks

Posted by Juan on May 21, 2013

To know if that is the decision, should find out if the rest of the neighbors also has problems with the wireless access point. If so, the solution requires a work of structural improvement which is very expensive and, according to the law, it is the responsibility of the owners. Where alterations are not detected on the home stretch, it is likely that they are motivated by interference of waves, both external and own the home, or an excess of devices connected to the same wifi network. In this case, it is possible the signal arrives with little power and that, to turn off any connected devices, this increase. If this is the case, suffice to manage access in a rational way, so that when you need to work with the computer more connected devices there physical barriers on other occasions, the lack of power in the signal is due to that between the point where the sending router is located and the user’s computer detected physical objects that interfere. Depending on the type of wireless connection, walls, doors and large objects weaken the signal. It is recommended to do a test with the team at one lesser distance and check the speed of Internet access.

You can take several free test, as the Test of speed of the Association of Internet. If after this test connection speed increases, the influence of the physical obstacles will be confirmed. You should not place the router near a window, given the risk of spreading the signal. An option to solve the problem of the physical obstacles easily is to acquire a unidirectional antenna of greater size, which carry the signal to one rank higher than the antenna of the router. Programmes to control the saturation WiFi is recommended to have a computer application that allows locating networks operating within the area where the user is located.

By default, all major operating systems have a basic tool for this task, but sometimes lack sufficient information on each of the found wireless networks. For Mac OS X (up to 10.5), Istumbler application lets you find wireless networks and know the broadcast channel by which emit. In Windows, Inssider is an application to find wireless networks and check the signal strength of each of these networks, together with technical information such as the channel in which they operate, the type of network and security levels through a simple graphic environment. They can due another type of interference to the use of DECT cordless telephones or transmitters and receivers for CATV using wireless technologies, since they use the same frequency band as wifi, around 2.4 gigahertz. If a DECT cordless telephone is installed near the router, the emissions of the various devices may interfere with each other and cause a disturbance in the signal. A solution would be to move over one meter base DECT cordless phone or, depending on the phone model, choose a range of frequencies that do not matches the employee by the created by the router access point.