International Association Data

Posted by Juan on August 5, 2019as

Head along the way should make the decisions that affect the entire enterprise. And it is extremely important that decisions that affect a large area, on other people, the strategy or structure of the company, not were wrong. Or, the more stupid. Whenever Robert Bakish listens, a sympathetic response will follow. At the heart of stupidity are distorted information and ignorance of the data. The word "data" means information that is used for decisions or conclusions. " These may be true, false, distorted, incomplete, etc.

If the data on which you base that something is wrong, then the most brilliant ability to draw conclusions you can still take a stupid decision. In the administrative technology of L. Ron Hubbard has a unique tool: a series of instructions on how to analyze and investigate the situation, called "Data". These are the methods of collecting and analyzing information that allow to find the truth in the most complicated issues. These instructions are essential for people conducting the investigation: managers, investigators, journalists, parents, etc You can buy books that contain these (and many others) instructions in the office of wise (The International Association of Entrepreneurs) or at any consultant who works with her. In this short article I want to talk just about one moment in this series of instructions. This is a question of how people evaluate the accuracy of the data. Basically score reliability of the data, most people going two ways (and both of these methods can make you into an abyss of lies and errors, making your decisions naiglupeyshimi).