How And Why Of RSS Feeds

Posted by Juan on August 15, 2017as

RSS feeds and blogs (and blog and pinging) are part of the frenzy of Hyper-tech marketing in the Internet. Tools and services are multiplying everywhere. But there seems to be some rather distorted ideas about all this. Unless you want to get into the technical part, exactly what an RSS feed does not really matter. Now I care, because many things used to work with the code and make things geek technology. But from a marketing perspective of the technical architecture is based is relevant only because we in the tracks of what must use an RSS feed for. And that’s what you have to understand.

An RSS feed marketing is not about the content of food in most of the cases. Sources carrying large amounts of content are generally referred to as data feeds and that’s not what people are going to put in their RSS aggregators. A basic RSS feed consists of a number of different articles with the title, a link to the full content source and a brief abstract or description of the complete source. There are more but that’s the basics. If you subscribe (by email) to something like the owners of the , think about what is a typical element looks like: + + + + is very much what happens in one place + + + + In a writer + + + + Once again, amazing what has happened much … + + + + Read full article: URL link to the news story – title and author – short description – link to the full content Like an RSS item.