How Amplifiers Work

Posted by Juan on July 6, 2011as

Output voltage of power amplifiers in preview mode usually has two values: 70 V and 100 V. Since the warning system is translation equipment, the output stage of amplifiers, transformer, and therefore requires high-speaker with transformer input. Some models have separate outputs for connecting 4 or 8-ohm monitor . devices (power amplifiers and assistive devices) can be divided into two types: desktop and uninterruptable Rack-Mount (a device installed in the 9 ‘closets). Desktop equipment – it siliteli uninterruptable power or combined, which may work independently without devices. The objective of these devices – to enhance the sound signal received from inputs and transmit them to the speakers. The most simple, but very popular Amplifiers PA-920 PA-935.

Output power These devices 20 and 35 watts respectively. They have two microphones and one line input and a separate input for connecting pbx. First Mic input and exchanges are a priority. Has separate tone controls for low and high frequencies. Amplifier PA-1000 PA-1000BR have a power output of 30 watts, two microphones, one niversalny inputs with individual Adjusting level input for initiatives pbx (only for PA-1000BR. The first microphone input and login pbx priority. In the model PA-1000BR has a built-in digital tuner with 6-programmed settings. Both amplifiers present peak led output power. Amplifiers Inter M A-60 and A-120 output of 60 and 120 watts accordingly has three mic (first – priority) and two universal inputs, separate tone controls for low and high frequencies and light output. Amplifiers Inter M PA-2000 and PA-4000 belong to the category average desktop equipment.