Foreign Minister Zarif Hardliners

Posted by Juan on June 21, 2017as ,

“The banality of evil,” is making progress. Further, the hard core of the Systemtreuen in the Iran stirs up hatred. Inside of the establishment in the Iran there are currently roughly two groupings. Both compete for power in the country. The new Government to Rohani and groupings to the former President Rafsandschani try the country’s money problem to solve and to flourish, to bring back the economy while they are willing to ruffle feathers at the nuclear program.

While they sit across from, we call them even hardliners, on cooperation with the United States and the West, while representing a hostile West compared to Standing Group on its roadmap of the world revolution and the absolute loyalty hold the principle of velayat-e faghi. The hardliners spit the new President repeatedly in the soup, because they occupy important key posts in the State apparatus. They increase the number of executions, they cling to prisoners of conscience who have not too much lobby abroad they expand the activities of the Cyber army and threaten dissidents, they beyond the house arrest of two opposition Karoubi and Mousavi to the Sacrosanctum. Rohani tried together with his Foreign Minister Zarif, meanwhile with the West on the way to bring deals to shrink the nuclear programme on a minimal package, what bad is the hardliners against the grain and will be probably easy to digest the economy of Iran. Obviously, it can be but not too impressed by the actions of the operator in the background Rohani. He knows where to sit his powerful opponents. The uncovered profiteer of the revolutionary guards have taken over large parts of the economy in the eight years before his presidency and occupied important positions in the State apparatus. One of the beneficiaries of these circumstances was the billionaire Babak Zanjani, who comes from the Bassij. On Monday he is been now detained on corruption charges.