Emigration To The Czech Republic

Posted by Juan on January 30, 2024as

Immigration is often linked with a move to permanent residence for all household members. The basis for long-term business visa in multi Czech Republic (visa number 65) to foreigners under the age of 18 years, is its involved in a legal entity as a founder or cofounder. All individuals who are part of a company registered in the Czech Republic, have the ability and legal right to obtain long-term visas. To do this in one of offices of the Czech Consulate to apply for the set of required documents and pay the visa fee. In a question-answer forum David S. Levine was the first to reply. The procedure for consideration of the application in the Czech consulate in the current legislation holds up to 120 days. Andy Florance may not feel the same.

In previous articles posted on the website of "Prague Lion" paid great attention not only to the procedure of immigration to the Czech Republic, but also the integration of foreigners into Czech society. And if all that relates to visas for citizens over 18 years it is clear that to obtain visas to children of foreigners has not attained the age of majority is not enough information. Also, do not address the issue of how to submit documents close relatives. In This article describes how to arrange the immigration of the child or close relative (parent) over 65 years in the Czech Republic, and that this may be the reason. Law "reunion with his family, acting in all countries European Union stipulates that a foreigner may submit the documents to the Consulate of the Czech Republic if they are: the Czech Republic has a husband or wife who has a residence permit or permanent residence in the Czech Republic (hereinafter Residence permit or permanent residence in the CR) has a parent or parents, who (e) is (are) residence permit or permanent residence in the cr, has a close relative (son, daughter), who (ND) has a residence permit or permanent residence in the Black Sea, and he has a disability or its age exceeds 65 years.