Compressed Air Without Oil, Air Receiver, Compressor Maintenance

Posted by Juan on October 17, 2011as

In construction, road works, and also in other papers used compressors. More And they may be used for domestic purposes, in painting, airbrushing, inflated balls, purging, etc. It may be noted compressors: Piston For example, the piston movable, and with a screw device, such as a screw compressor Remez. More compressors can be divided on electric, diesel and gasoline. Buy piston compressor for the most part difficult in the availability, if not to talk about the price. Principles of operation of piston and screw compressors and units themselves, their appearance, perhaps a descriptive look at the sites with videos. One area of application compressor is to supply air under pressure without the inclusion of oil activities associated with bulk materials: sand, cement, lime, flour, sugar, salt, animal feed for poultry, gypsum.

In this case, need a compressed air is of good quality. This may be done using oil-free compressor (oilless) and air filters. In the above cases with free-flowing raw materials may be used compressors with low pressure. Also with compressor (not only oil-free) is an air receiver (born receiver, letters. – recipient).

This is the balloon, which is visible to most. Receiver is needed for the accumulation of air and its transmission further pressure stabilization, diversion condensate, oil residue. The more proivoditelnost compressor, the larger air receiver device, whose price is usually also increases. An example of why you would need pressure equalization can be painted. When flat paint pressure is uniform and better. Recovery from failures and routine maintenance are the maintenance of compressors, in other words the compressor service. In general, under the care refers not only to repair and / or maintenance work, and in addition, simply using the technology of its exploitation. Thus the service can cover all 3 parts. In case if you take service, then you can include and what to great extent to serve you: execution speed, performance promised in the timing and amount, quality, and, without doubt, the quality of communication and politeness of employees in the company, providing services and probably related firms.