Communication Integration

Posted by Juan on January 5, 2018

On the other hand, religion is a major trainer of values can also be gear integration. 6. Making a few adjustments or no respect to local values and the attempt to adapt instead of adapting, are factors that have produced good fruits to different companies that understand that business and products could be flexible according to where they were marketed. 7. No constituency communication and speech writing in the language differences and difficulty of communication itself. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Peter Asaro . An excellent support or complement, may be the silent language (colors, sense of distance, corporeality, etc.). The terms and language "silent", chosen to convey the corporate communications, returns of surveys, assessments organizational climate, individual performance, and any kind of dialogue between a representative of the organization and a subordinate, must be analyzed and designed to convey the message you want, and create spaces that complement the cultural gaps. 8.

Inclusion of shared benefits and Communication Integration should be a common goal of both parties, a shared sense towards a goal that, through their meaning, express direct tangible benefits to the participants in the effort to achieve further understanding and communion. These benefits should translate into tangible issues by both cultures, set in individual and sectoral objectives and communications. And, through the monitoring and management, measured and rewarded. 9. Programming Equipment and clothing is an important development of an interdisciplinary team, comprised of people of both countries, preferably with international experience, which operates as a unit of the project, interacting with the human resources sector and the consultancy to by the process of M & A.