Choosing Tools

Posted by Juan on January 6, 2017as

Opening the first file, see the folder addons. We throw it in the directory cstrike. After this, a second file there is the same folder. We throw it in there and if the same fly message about replacing files replace all safely. Pete Cashmore is often quoted as being for or against this. Further, it will be necessary zainstallirovat metamod, without which will not be able to run amxx.

directory within the addons, which appears after installing amxx, create a directory metamod it create a directory dlls open the first file and razarhiviruem contents of the newly created directory dlls open the file noutpadom liblist.gam, located in the folder cstrike change the following line: gamedll 'dllsmp.dll' to this: gamedll 'addonsmetamoddllsmetamod.dll' amxx itself is not run, it should be server specified. If you have not shown expansion of files (eg. Exe,. Zip, etc.) then before the next step you will need to make here is that: open the My Computer Choose Tools> Folder Options View Hide extensions for known file types Now : open directory metamod do new file plugins.ini we enter into it win32 addonsamxmodxdllsamxmodx_mm.dll Save and close all the basic parameters to configure the amxx file contains amxx.cfg folder cstrikeaddonsamxmodxconfigs. amx_password_field '_pw' (change _pw for something original, for example _pw-baltgames, this is for setinfo) amx_scrollmsg (message, which will appear on the screen every 10 minutes) amx_imessage (a message that is displayed when a player comes to the server) amx_reservation (it would be nice to put a figure here from 2 to 4, because if your server maximum number of players 10 and here supply 4, for casual players will be only 6 slots) in the file users.ini can prescribe admin rights. 'Fury' 'tralala' 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstu' 'a' What's it all mean? 'fury' (player's nickname) 'tralala' (password) 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstu' (right, top file is usually all it is described) 'a' (level access, 'a' if the nickname, 'ab' if the clan, when others can not use these nicknames and clans)