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Mudslinging: Tractors against ultra-mud Kempten, January 2010. Tractors stuck up to the steering wheel in the mud, mud whomsoever the harvester tractors pull a winch from the swamp: tractors in extreme situations. Already some trekkers in the wet land is literally wallowed despite all-wheel drive. “The country technology video mudslinging the movie” agricultural video shows how tractors and forestry machinery yet again prevail in such mud battle situations. This fight”in this mud-slinging vintage tractors as well as modern tractors and modern country. The Trac Marshall tractors from the 1960s is trying to pull a BM Volvo tractor out of the mud. The half Caterpillar BM Volvo 350 safety logs with additional chain fights against the swamp. The film shows the tractors in appearing hopeless situations but in the end succeeds tugs but always, to get back on dry ground.

“Grubbing-up work, a harvester gets stuck: the small forestry device Terri again attracts over 30 tons to country”. Lars Svenson, the owner of Terri, reveals the trick: using return pulleys, in this case of tree stumps, his rope winch gets out the harvester. In the peat bog, the mud bath is pre-programmed for each tractor: the film shows a Hitachi ex 135 in use. The track has a width of 180 cm this device. The country technology video shows case, a MAN tractor, Unimog, many Volvo tractors, several harvester and a homemade tractor with 300 HP in the fight against mud and swamp. High point is a mud tractor slalom in Sweden: with full purpose of a Fordson Trekker and a BM Volvo 350 drive tractor in the wet field here. Repeatedly stuck the tractors in the mud, a modern CLAAS Tractor pulls out of the Volvo. At the end, the Volvo wins this spectacular mud-slinging.

A trailer for the film can film Verlag wk & f to be seen: schlammschlacht.html which wk & f communication GmbH is a film Publisher with over 600 DVD titles. Important areas are special interest topics such as tractors, agricultural machinery, motor sports, fire and garden. About 25 new movie titles appear every year. The film publishing house produced the title with its own film production in HD quality.