Building a Sauna

Posted by Juan on October 21, 2011as ,

Walls and ceiling should be insulated for at least R11 insulation, then cover, inch CDX plywood or 5 / 8 inch drywall with no solution. The ceiling should be at a height of 7'1 "from the floor. The floor must be covered with tiles and has been shown that if the tile is on the wall for at least 4 inches, it is much easier to clean, and chemical cleaners is not related to the tree. Wiring for the heater and lighting should be laid before you install a wooden building. Tongue and groove cedar or redwood is best to install horizontally, and to reduce the contraction of the wood, leaving small gaps in the walls. We recommend use nails with recessed cap on the benches and the floor (scoring below) so as not to burn yourself. Benches are along all the walls and made removable for easy cleaning and easy inspection.

The upper bench frame is first at 36 inches from the floor and the lower bench is at a height of 18 inches from the floor. The door should close the door to self-hook without a doorknob. Door size is 24 by 80 inches for the public and 36 by 80 inches for commercial sauna. Door with wooden handles on the outside opens inward. You can order any style of door manufacture. The heater runs at 12 inches from the floor and mounted on the wall. The thermostat is at a distance of 12 inches from the ceiling. As outside and inside are installed heaters in stainless steel.

The heater should be fenced with a shield to prevent burns. Paul is, at least at a height of 1 foot under the benches and also made removable for easy cleaning. In contrast, in Florida issued an order prohibiting commercial saunas do wood floors. Jewelry size 1X2 inches set in all corners of the sauna and around the door. Lamps and sealed impervious to moisture and can be installed on the ceiling or wall. You may only build your sauna, steam bath and wants today? It offers saunas Moscow restaurant Timiryazevskaya, saunas and sauna in Bibirevo Polezhaevskaya and even bath in black!