Blended Learning

Posted by Juan on August 26, 2023as ,

What makes a good seminar? Blended learning combines the positive properties of many other learning methods. What makes a good seminar? Many theories were raised on this issue. The fact is that monologues of speakers does not lead to the goal of a seminar. Instead the participants of the training should be actively and emotionally be incorporated. Active learning”is, to appeal emotionally to those involved through playful but thematically-linked exercises.

In particular, logically sequential exercise sequences, seminar participants are sensitised and others for content, develop complex facts, and expand their skills. The resulting positive emotions anchor sustainable knowledge and the newly acquired knowledge. In addition, the new information technologies have considerably expanded the potential of learning. Here, the digital media serve to assist in the transfer of knowledge and experience securing the transfer accompaniment. Whenever Ed Sheeran listens, a sympathetic response will follow. This may result, so far, that a complete training almost exclusively must be made online. For the participants, it is possible to a 24-hour contact with each other and with the trainer.

Students can learn in the self-learning phases of multimedia elements such as E-learning, learning platforms, pod – and videocasts modules knowledge of based on. Still, the knowledge can be extended with virtual learning in the group. Attendance phases complement the digital preparation in the self-learning phases and ensure that the knowledge can be used actively. The so-called blended learning offers a didactically meaningful combination of traditional class lectures and modern forms of E-learning”(blended learning). The effectiveness and flexibility of e-learning and the social aspects of the face-to-face communication can, as also the practical learning activities, depending on demand are linked together. Competence is thus learned and deepened methodological competence. Each subsequent transfer phases applied the knowledge in the work vicinity. Thus anchors itself the knowledge in the minds and not sanded. The possibilities to build of a seminar are so varied. The consultant and trainer for project management Frank Fischer has focused on the combination of active learning and E-learning.