Being Happy

Posted by Juan on December 4, 2012as

Papa arrived in house in that happy late-night of the life; he was not for less, therefore he had bought a new device of sound. The year was 1983, then ' ' device of som' ' of that time trambolho meant one great, with some separate parts or modules (record player, touch-ribbons, radio AM/FM, great boxes of sound) that, with the aid of many and long wires, they were joined and they worked together stops giving in them optimum of music (if vc are feeling lack of the module touch-cd' s forgets at that time did not have nor the concept of compact disc)! Good, but this new acquisition of my father was more or less one of top of line that had to the time then, to protect it of external agents (it reads the curious boys that they lived in that house, therefore rambled dangerously close to the place where it would go to be installed the equipment) it had a wonderful idea: it constructed, with its proper hands, a ortaleza to keep in way insurance very its precious one well. Wooden bulk was an immense horizontal box, a trunk, with compartments for some modules and its wires and with a great equally firm cover that came with gigantic a cadeado one of iron that, when locked, in the only existing key if it only opened. I want here to make a commentary: this fact that I am telling if passed, as the reader already perceived, has thirty years almost; today the sound device does not exist more, but the immense trunk and its frightful cadeado if find in my house, one room, already without the original compartments and that today my wife uses to keep clean clothes that need to be last (and muuuita thing fits). Coming back what it interests: the only one, or the only parts that were of are of this trunk were the boxes of sound, because, in the mind me father ' ' how the boys could damage in some known way mere boxes of sound? ' ' He did not have as! Therefore everything was perfectly safe.