Posted by Juan on December 18, 2014as

What do I need to go by car from the Ukraine in Montenegro? Just want a little free time and, of course, owning a car ! And so, this is all you have, what now? Now let's decide how we go, given his experience, we can go to Montenegro three routes: 1. Mukachevo (Ukraine) – Hungary – Serbia – Montenegro. 2. Mukachevo (Ukraine) – Romania – Serbia – Montenegro. 3.

Mukachevo (Ukraine) – Hungary – Croatia – Montenegro From the distance the first two are practically the same route, about 1100 km, the distance may be increased in one case – if you want to ride on the cities you are passing and decide to explore the local attractions. Thus, we consider the first route. What is it good for? After all the highways and Hungary are due to them, you drive through Hungary almost half a day and thus save time. Overnight before better abroad in Mukachevo, to which all of Mukachevo 70 km. Early in the morning to take a course chop, to cross the border we will spend about 30 minutes (unless of course you're not lucky weapons, drugs and other contraband ). What should I consider? Once you crossed the border at the first gas station you need to buy a vignette (a fare on a motorway) as fare paid.

The minimum payment for 4 days. Number of your car zanesut in the computer and all. Just in Just in case, keep the receipt for payment. Chop from going directly to Budapest. It is 310 km from Budapest take a course on the city Subbotitsa (Serbia). This is 203 km. So, all the way to Hungary, you will have approximately 513 km. Unless of course you decide not to attend thermal baths in Budapest. But this is a different story. In Subotica, sleep better (my opinion).