Administrative Assistant

Posted by Juan on December 27, 2013as

The Board is going to spend 3 billion to increase the population of Castilla y Leon. The milk! Thus, seen above, 118 measures seem rather the agenda of some oppositions to Administrative Assistant to a catalogue of economic and social incentives. I doubt that with them come nobody what you look for is a job and obtain better conditions of life. Posts to submit imaginative and bold, proposals would be more practical to register in Salamanca to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: surely they would do it by half of the budget provided by the Board and, instead, there would be queues of people who would come out to see them. It is only an idea clear.

And is that what another 118 measures of yore, are pure voluntarism. Here only the old remain because young people have no job prospects, since there is neither enterprises, which is what generates employment, nor likely to create them. And if the old ones are not is because they don’t have money to be in Benidorm, this gigantic geriatric outdoors, with good temperature, beach, cheap prices, activities for the elderly and a health center in every corner. Here, I insist, we are left without young people because as soon as completed the move, bottle, intermixed festivities and other extracurricular sprees are going to look for work elsewhere. That, in the best of cases, since increasingly fewer students come to our classrooms because of nefarious policy of University dispersion. You need our community, such as all, is specialize in something that makes you unique, attractive and impossible to exchange with any other. Always take the example of the United States, where each location looking for something different with which to earn a living: Electronics in Seattle, the game in Las Vegas, the automobile in Detroit or retirees in Miami. Here we have not chosen any path. Here we amalgamate conventional ideas and rhetoric, without any specific target. And what is worse: we believe that we are going to have to do this 3 billion when in fact we don’t have a single penny!