Acquire Planting Perennials

Posted by Juan on December 28, 2011as ,

The cost of high-quality ornamental perennials are currently very expensive, so when you buy should carefully examine the goods. Modern flower market is rich in a wide variety of decorative cultures. The range of any shop of flowers and seeds appear occasionally perennial species of garden plants. That perennials do not require special care in comparison with the annuals, and can be quite a long time pleasing to the eye. Many crops are sold either in the spring or fall only, it depends on the biological characteristics of plant species, the cycle of vegetation – the conditions prevailing in their original habitats, and associated their period of dormancy. Sale of ornamental plants is associated with periods of planting or transplanting: for example, it is expedient to buy vesennetsvetuschie bulbs in autumn, when the vegetative mass completely died away, and the bulb is dormant. Dug out and got on the implementation of the bulbs already have rudimentary buds, from which the spring flowers are formed.

Exception to the rule are daffodils, buy and transplant that can be successfully even in the spring, when peduncles fragrance fragrant flowers. Of course, as in agricultural technology daffodils have their own characteristics and rules, but in general, ignorance of non-compliance is not so critical. Other crops go on sale in the spring – just in time required for timely planting in the soil. Thus, gladioli, krokosmii, lilies, daylilies and dahlias expedient to buy in the spring, when they successfully survived the winter, not withered and not picked up a bacterial rot, what can be learned, carefully considered the corms and tubers. Many of them already contain the rudiments of the young shoots – shoots, which showed a healthy development plants.

When buying perennials, it is important to be able to carefully consider the planting material for signs of trouble plants. What you should pay attention: whether in the tuber and bulbs of dark spots and depressions, bulbs and tubers must have a uniform color, be resilient to the touch but not dry and shriveled. If improperly stored in a dormant period, many bulbs lose turgor, are infected fungi when lightly pressed to not be released liquid. Vesennetsvetuschih bulbs are often sold in the shells – if the bulb was bad or was dried in inappropriate conditions of detention, it can be stained with the remnants of the soil, it is not permissible. The bulb must be clean, it should be reviewed in the growth zone – that was easy to determine where it Donets with roots, and hence will develop shoots. Often, scales bulbs hidden thrips – tiny that insects, which instantly ruin the whole plant material, and colors from it you will never live to see. Also listed in indoor or in an apartment, thrips can to attack and destroy all the plants. Do not hesitate to ask the seller to extract the package with a colorful label, to withdraw from there and planting material to consider. Do not hesitate to pick up the tubers and bulbs, or you might just lose money, buying a pig in a poke.