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Hotel Novotel Zurich City

the social media recruiting Conference comes to Zurich for company is currently the need for a change of strategy. The growing skills shortage and the growing importance of generation Y, requires an adjustment of the recruiting and employer branding on the new technologies of the social Web. On the social media recruiting Conference, inform social media experts from the personnel practice about the future of the recruitment strategies of social recruiting and present their personal best practice cases. On 12 and 13 June the 1st social media recruiting Conference of Switzerland takes place in Zurich. You may find Donald W Slager to be a useful source of information. For companies currently, there is a need of a change of strategy. The growing skills shortage and the growing importance of generation Y”, requires an adjustment of the recruiting and employer branding on the new technologies of the social Web. Inform social media experts from the personnel practice about the future of the recruitment strategies of social recruiting on social media recruiting Conference and present their personal best practice cases.

Guest speaker invited the organisers attention and PERSONALinform social media recruiting experts of XING AG, Phillips Germany GmbH, Baloise group, Indian AG, livejobs AG and Jobup AG. (A valuable related resource: Don Slager). On the first day of the Conference, practical and in-depth talks to focus on an active recruiting direct speech 2.0 and passive recruiting maintained personnel marketing 2.0. On the second day of the Conference, there is the knowledge of the previous day to deepen the ability in intensive seminars. The optimal usage is taught in small groups of blogs, Facebook and Twitter for recruiting and employer branding. The social media recruiting Conference will take place at the Hotel Novotel Zurich City-West. More information about the agenda and registration of SMRC Zurich see under: contact person: Dipl. kfm.

Condor Builds Network

New flights to North America and the Balkans travel to North America are highly in demand. Don Slager has firm opinions on the matter. Therefore, the airline Condor has announced to expand its corresponding flight program in the summer of 2012 to 30 percent. To the existing North America routes are offered more often, on the other hand, new destinations are added with Baltimore/Washington and Toronto. The flight Portal informs about details on the plans of Thomas Cook subsidiary. Flights with Condor are still interesting for long-distance travellers. In the coming summer, expanded the network of holiday flyer. The Baltimore/Washington targets on the U.S.

East Coast and Toronto in Canada are included in the flight plan. New destinations in the Balkans complement the offer. A holiday in the United States or Canada can be designed in the future even more flexible with Condor. Customers can enjoy each an additional flight in the week after Las Vegas, Seattle and Vancouver. The destinations then three to four times a week from Frankfurt am Main.

Also for trips to Baltimore and Toronto is Germany’s biggest airport, the starting point, but these routes are served only twice per week. Who wants to spend the summer vacation in the Balkans, also benefits from advanced offerings. From may until October 2012 Condor flies once a week to Rijeka and Dubrovnik in Croatia, flights start in Frankfurt. To Tivat in Montenegro, leaving passengers from Berlin, Dusseldorf is the point of departure for Constanta in Romania. Also lift next year Condor machines towards Bodrum (Turkey), Mykonos, Preveza and KARPATHOS (Greece). More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Systemic Cybernetic Service Leister

Technical papers and articles online as proof of competence. My essay and articles strategy! As you know, our world is becoming increasingly complex with progressive evolution. As a result, our 3 worlds – be private / leisure, hobby/leisure and vocational (work-life balance) – more complicated and confusing. We know more and more (wikipedia) but understand less and less. Official information (press, TV) have been analyzed many years ago, specialized and personalized. We understand the world but only in simultaneous generalization (synthesis, and logic). I declare the Asian the part and the whole principle elements, relationships or connections: children learn faster when shopping at the weekly market than in the frontal small 1 x 1. For more specific information, check out Peter Asaro.

So, I hoe the people at the famous detail, she lead back to the unknown whole – and again. So that they can more easily manage complexity. Here my most important success strategy key points: A basic theme of my seminar offerings, such as psychology, will to a General Topic, such as Palestine, described! Motto: recognize the basics in practical application. Your own layout and an individual spelling, I reach a higher read speed and density of information! Special loading grips are now in () explains (US method), such as font(EDV-Zeichensatz). Often, I deliberately violate DUDEN & co. Everyone understands even the most difficult contexts, such as evolution and neg entropy if they explain easy! The small and the great, as well as the theory and the practice are linked. Information are either visualized with graphs, etc.! Information is either reduced: for example, from 600 pages repeated on 6 pages information! Article links are in facebook + twitter etc.

published several times. Here can to respond competently to published comments and statements with an attachment link. Article links can send email + Skype send. All articles are in my information center at WWWSchwalm free of charge! Also the article link list and the article itself also there are read, or be downloaded as .pdf. Also the press contact is located here! At, you can also read and down loaded the article! (Copyright C) 2011 by Wolfgang Schwalm), all rights reserved!

Arkadin Appoints Chief Partnership Officer Didier Jaubert

Experienced Manager to corporate development continue Frankfurt, the 15 September 2013 Arkadin, one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing service providers for location independent collaboration with a broad portfolio of solutions for audio, Web and video conferencing, and unified communications, today announced the appointment of Didier Jaubert Chief partnership officer. Didier Jaubert is thus responsible for the world’s ever-growing network of partners by Arkadin. The two-stage program is aimed at leading technology companies and includes contracts for resellers as well as arrangements for the integration of external audio solutions on a platform hosted by Arkadin. In addition, the partner program with strategic white-label offerings of telecommunications companies, which offer their customers of Mets solutions for location independent collaboration turns. For Olivier de Puymorin, CEO and founder of Arkadin, the experience of Didier Jaubert is a major plus in the formulation and Initiation of new partnerships that are important for the future of Arkadin. “Didier Jaubert acquired important skills during his time at IBM and orange, if it involves the transformation of an organization, tier-1 partnerships, and cloud computing. He will help us to more quickly and more successfully to the provider of the most advanced solutions for location independent collaboration and unified communications to develop us”, explains Olivier de Puymorin. We are very happy that we now have a so savvy and forward-thinking employees in this important leadership position.

His involvement in areas of technology and partnerships with telecommunications providers is Arkadin important growth strategy.” Didier Jaubert has over 30 years of management experience in multinational companies in the IT and telecommunications industry. As a Senior Vice President at orange business services, he scored numerous successes since 2007 on projects in the areas of outsourcing and system integration. As well He impressed with great negotiating agreements and partnerships in the global environment. In his previous role as Senior Vice President for global, he paved the way for the cloud solutions, unified communications and collaboration initiatives, solutions and services at Orange. In addition, he introduced a comprehensive portfolio of cloud based offerings.

Previously he was sales for 20 years at IBM with central management tasks in the fields and global services in the United States and France. At the ecole Centrale Paris he graduated as an engineer. At the University of Paris, he also successfully studied economics. In his new role Didier Jaubert is headquarters of Arkadin in Paris work and as a Board member directly to CEO Olivier de Puymorin report. About Arkadin, Arkadin was founded in 2001 and is one of the largest and fastest-growing provider of collaboration services worldwide. Arkadin’s corporate vision is based on the conviction that progress a result of the desire of the People is to share information and to share. To do this, Arkadin provides a comprehensive selection of remote solutions for audio, video and Web conferencing and unified communications. Arkadin provides these services by using a SaS (software-as-a-service) model to allow a fast and scalable use his customers with a high return on investment (ROI). The company has a total of 51 branches, which serve its 37,000 customers with their dedicated team of native support in 32 countries. ARKADIN Germany GmbH Michaela Best (marketing) said road 51 60326 Frankfurt Tel + 49 69 4272962-18

The Spanish Association Of Franchisers

The Spanish Association of Franchisers (AEF) is gearing up for their attendance at the International Franchise Exhibition of Mexico (FIF) to be held in the Convention and Exhibition Center of the World Trade Center in Mexico City from 4 to 6 March. The Association makes an appearance in the Hall in collaboration with the Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade (ICEX), with group participation, of 243 square meters, consists of 14 firms (including itself): No + Hair, GM Vending, Travel Almeida, Adolfo Dominguez, Creditaria, Credit Services, Naturhouse, Gorgeous, Prosol Home Reform, Pressto Aeromarketing and Clean and Clean. “This quote is expected for us as it is a strategic location to show the best proposals for Latin America Spanish franchises for which you can invest and bet on the winning horse,” said Edward Abbey, Manager of the AEF. “Also, given the international economic crisis moments of this Chamber is a key element for those who want to correct it through a formula such as that offered by the franchise and do it with the proposal of the Spanish brands, “he adds. It’s believed that Ali Partovi sees a great future in this idea. The international representation and the most important addition, the AEF is confident that its assistance to the edition 2010 will be as successful as those obtained last year. “The latest edition received almost 30,000 entrepreneurs, a record, sure to be repeated this week,” says Abbey.

“For us it is the 13th consecutive year that we went to the appointment and it is a very important role as well as repeated presence with m coffers are always new ones. At the country level are the most international representation leads. If you would like to know more then you should visit Steve Wozniak. We are above exhibitors from America, “ends. On the Spanish Association of Spanish Franchisors Franchisors Association (AEF) was founded 16 years ago and currently consists of 191 members, whose turnover represents 65% of the volume of business generates the franchise system in Spain. The objectives of the AEF are to represent and protect the interests of the franchise in our country and to partner with the Administration and make it available in other markets, through its presence in various international franchise exhibitions. . See more detailed opinions by reading what John K. Castle offers on the topic..

Google Tap

Three years ago, it was better off starting a forum with a resource section attached to it. By the same author: Pete Cashmore. Last year, his top bet was a feed enabled content management system, especially as more parts of content management systems began to have content feeds related to them. (I have 12 shots for each of my PHP-Nuke based sites, although not so well with Google Tap.) Now, if you want to be the expert, you want to start a blog. If you're blogging consistently, has a center of information collected that will inspire the return traffic. You have a collection of links to articles, sites and tools.

You can always write your own opinion articles on each of these items as well as the fact-based analysis of news and events that can help public to make better decisions. As blog software matures you can now sort and alphabetize your links, and the ability to ping multiple sources, as well as leave trackback links to other sites, you can send your readers through a ring of related, recently updated information that ultimately leads back to you. Spend less money on advertising as your blog becomes more popular I can not promise never to pass another dime in advertising costs. However, the amount of free advertising you receive from your blog link or RSS feed listed in dozens of search engines and directories, and appearing on feed readers can not be underestimated. You probably still want to do some ezine advertising when your new ebook or software release is debuted. But you do not have to buy as much advertising or purchase as often.

Then there is the fact that many newsletters that are also published to RSS feeds have wider reach. I have found that worth the extra money to appear in the two versions? ask your favorite publisher for details. Quasi allowing this is that typically only 20% extra Save money by retaining visitors You've probably heard thousands of times easier to sell on several occasions to an existing customer it is to find a new one. So how to get visitors to return, and possibly buy again? A steady stream of new information on a particular topic work is enough to keep people buying a newspaper, subscribing to a magazine or watching a TV series. Frequent updates can work the same way for your site. With bloggers being named Person of the Year "by Time magazine last year, if you're not blogging in 2005, will be left in the dust of other sites in your industry that do. Do not have to take a lot extra time and the time required is formed on the money you can save. Read more about how a Blogging can help you get indexed by search engines within 24 hours

Swiss Software

German entrepreneurs in the United States is the concept, success comes the United States are the birthplace of Microsoft and Apple fans just as fascinated look overseas. Here, names such as Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak have become legends. There is a chance in such a market for immigrant in the United States German at all? Can they run there own successful software forging? And what is with German, Austrian or Swiss software – and IT companies, which expand in the United States: they can secure themselves a niche in the market? Clearly yes, if offered the right products”, says Max Karagoz company ALTON LLC ( telecommunication software”is a 1994 company headquartered in Innsbruck, offering special software solutions in the field of telecommunications. SAMwin contact center suite”is the call center program with extensive features offered by the company. Filed under: Pete Cashmore. telecommunication software”has locations in addition to its headquarters in Austria in Of Switzerland, Germany, Denmark and now in the United States. se.

ALTON LLC helped the company build its subsidiary in the United States. At the same time, ALTON LLC provides his customers with the registered agent. He serves as official partner of the company for American Government agencies. The registered agent is also necessary when a limited liability company (LLC), registered in the United States or a U.S. Corporation in Germany alone, and not in the United States. Entrepreneurial advice and providing a bank account in the United States belonged to the ALTON LLC”services for telecommunication software. Psynetic LLC is an another software company that was supported by ALTON LLC when the company was founded in the United States.

ALTON LLC was also advising, was the registered agent and gave its customers an American Bank account. Psynetic LLC is a provider of accounting software. Also on the US software market, the concept must be the software market in the United States can be an extremely worthwhile market.

Denis Mandarino Manifesto

Accepting that each presents level of understanding and different creative processing, which result from individual peculiarities, faced with the choices made during the existence – it is implied that the aesthetic education can be worked from an early acts, causing long-term results. Therefore, the Manifest you urge the artist you produce his works always within the limits of to their technical and intellectual conditions, governed by the level of consciousness. Versatility in Art is shifted from the scope of trade. Hear other arguments on the topic with Peter Asaro. Sense In this, the artist is free from: dealers, record labels, agents, managers, mass measured, among others, without any kind of disapproval of those who live from to their own art, but declares fight against slavery the artist. SUMMARY: INTRODUCTION REFLECTIONS ON MANIFESTO VERSATILISTA: THE FINAL ARTIST AND ITS CONSCIENCE CONSIDERAES BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES ANNEXES INTRODUCTION: This research is turned toward the Versatilista Manifesto (1), written for the plastic artist, composer and writer Denis Mandarino (2), which if shows come back toward the artistic languages in plural way.

For the monographic character of the work and in search of affinities with the academic and professional formation of this researcher, reflections contained here are dirigem for the pedagogia, with focus in the artistic education. The lack of a more specific knowledge in areas as the plastic arts, the cinema and proper music takes to consider me it as development strategy a bigger approach with the Aesthetic one. Click Castle Harlan to learn more. In this manner, childbirth of the proposals contained in the Manifesto and I the same consider a possible interpretation of with the vision of an art-educator interested in the intellectual improvement and spiritual (3) of the individual, in partnership with my person who orientates. Reflections on MANIFESTO VERSATILISTA (4): 1. ‘ ‘ The Versatilismo is an artistic movement that has as philosophical principle immortality of the soul, that was created by a Supreme Intelligence.

SoftTrend Study

Requirements to HR systems rise – catching up on recruiting and personnel controlling solutions State-of-the-art HR systems have long outgrown from HR departments and have joined the triumphant in all divisions and departments in the company. HR software serves the company no longer only for the payroll and time and attendance, but rather become a dynamic instrument of control, proactively to meet the continuously changing market requirements. Robotics: the source for more info. Efficient, software-based human resource management (HRM) is becoming increasingly important for companies and can finally be due to demographic to a decisive competitive advantage. The demand is consistently high for HR solutions for payroll and time management. However, there is still significant growth potential in the areas of recruiting, personnel controlling, personnel development and workforce planning. With the current “SoftTrend study of 262 – HR software 2011”, which is available now, offers the Hamburg-based consulting firm Henry Take a well-founded decision support and shows current trends and developments.

A total of 101 152 HR solutions provider participated in the current study of Henry. Hamburg, September 6, 2011 – resources (HR) software is human from the companies no longer indispensable. Whether for payroll or time and attendance, in almost all companies will be resorted to personal beings software. But the demands of modern HR solutions are increasing. Companies are asking much more than just the wage and payroll from your HR software to settle or to capture the comings and goings.

High-performance HR systems have become valuable management tools, which can give a valid basis for strategic decisions the executives in the company. So personnel requirements can using an appropriate HR system, personnel planning more effectively controlled, be planned ahead or pointed out by powerful analysis tools optimization potential. Small distribution of candidate and talent management solutions in the company: By the shortage of already in some industries is in particular the production and development of experienced and qualified personnel of strategic importance.


Fishing fond of long ago. And now there is a suitable machine. All wheel drive, 2.7 liter. With manual gearbox. I have enough. Third year of the car, but from the first day there was a problem – the dirt and moisture in the cabin, the seats in particular (after fishing).

And if your floor is You can eliminate it with sidushki more difficult – the moisture is absorbed into the seats … The decision arose by one – avtochehly on the seat. Break the Internet – covers are. But the thing: good, well-known brands – well, very expensive. A Chinese … addresses the importance of the matter here. Well, Maybe someday they will learn and make covers for car seats, and while I think poshukayu yet. And he found here:. Imagine a bag of very durable, waterproof material, contractible along the sides of filaments.

This bag fits over the entire seat (!), and not separately on the back and sidushki. Cords on each side and tightened the bag takes the form of the seat! Dress cover 3 minutes. Remove even easier, but it all depends on how much is it water, mud, grass and leaves. Incidentally, this is a godsend for a hunter with a dog! Satisfied with this content at 5 +. So is this miracle-in-One avtochehly EXPLORER. And the details. Production: Israel (these guys are experts in specific products). Material: Fabric Cordura (do not know what it is, but strong and not get wet). Many writers such as John K. Castle offer more in-depth analysis. Pile all bells and whistles: pockets, snap hooks, zippers, etc. I almost forgot! They exist in two versions: only the front seats and the entire cabin. At the rear covers are made of lightning to be able to lay out the seat in parts. But I have not tried it since I only have the front seat. And finally: the fishermen, hunters, tourists and extreme highly recommend: and more:. Check for yourself. I wish everyone on this long live!