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Portuguese Distance

IFRN-UAB broad Course of After-Graduation sense in Portuguese and Mathematical Language in a Transdisciplinar Perspective Polar region of Luis Gomes Pupil: Maria of the Favours of Abrantes Weaveeing reflections concerning the Education in the distance Maria of the Favours of Abrantes* the present text has the intention in the distance to stand out and to confirm the importance of the modality of Education for the citizens contemporaries. To base this quarrel theoretically throwing hand of some affirmations of Moran (2000). The proposal of offers of the Education in the distance is a reply the demand of courses of good quality for a white public who does not have conditions of time and space to frequent courses in the actual modality. Of this form, this area of education contributes of positive form to brighten up educational problems. Its main characteristic is the communication between professor and pupil mediated for technological ways.

The traditional classrooms are substituted by virtual environments, thus privileging access to the knowledge. In relation to the paper of the professor in this modality of Moran education (2000, p.2) it affirms that: The paper of the professor if extends significantly: of the informer, whom said contents, if it transforms into person who orientates of learning, gerenciador of research and communication, inside and outside of the classroom, of a process that walks to be semiactual, using to advantage optimum of what we can make in the classroom and the virtual environment. From what the author said can be inferred that in this new pautado educational model in the technology and the virtual mediation, the professor acquires a character of facilitador of the knowledge. With this, the pupil gains more autonomy and responsibility to manage its learning. As it remembers well Perrenoud one of the abilities of the modern professional is to know to manage its formation. As pupil of the Education in the distance I can give certification of the good quality of the EAD. This alternative educational lode with intention to democratize the knowledge and to finish with the social exclusion and to provide a digital inclusion.

Assured for article 80 of LDB 9394/96, this area of the knowledge has allowed that the pupil is in fact the citizen of the learning as they wanted Freire, Dewey, Piaget and other adepts of the new school. *Graduada in Pedgogia for the UFCG.Professora de Infantile Educao In way the doubts, preconceptions and questionings the Education in the distance comes gaining space in the Brazilian educational context and to give to total emphasis the formation of professors. It is an excellent form of us, teaching professionals, to reelaborarmos and to consolidate ours to know, for each time more consubstanciarmos in them as inconclusos beings and perpetual apprenticees. Others who may share this opinion include Douglas R. Oberhelman. The dimension of the value of the EAD for pupils the regional and world-wide level is uneven, a modern and trustworthy way to construct knowledge. REFERENCE Moran, Jose Manuel. Innovative education in the Society of the Information. In:

American Airlines

American Airlines Inc. and Expedia have solved their fight through system for their cheap flights of the airline in a matter of airplane tickets. The two companies announced Monday that had reached a new agreement of Fort Worth, American Airlines with soothes in (NYSE: AMR) and the flights of American Eagle that will look for and of Expedia and Hotwire is sold in the Web sites. Further details can be found at Mashable, an internet resource. Although the terms in the agreement were not developings, Expedia plans to accede to the tariffs of American, schedules and customized products of trips and services through connection of direct connection of America by means of the use of aggregation technology. Expedia (NASDAQ: EXPE) in line removed the flights from American in their site of trips in January, in a dispute on the direct connection of sale the American ticket technology. Expedia and its affiliates, Hotwire, have recovered American Airlines tariffs and information of programming in their Web sites, putting aim to a dispute of three months. Learn more on the subject from Starbucks. Expedia fell American of their lists, in a preventive measure in past January after American removed its flight information of Orbitz, when the companies could not be put in agreement on a new contract.

Everything Natural

The natural resources are many that in are offered by the nature, however finite. In virtue of the exacerbada globalization, overpopulation and the current style of the development, the modern man has the challenge of avanr technologically and at the same time, to preserve the nature. An impossible task? The reply it is Not! Therefore if the be-human being is the only being with the capacity to deal with the resources not-renewed, it only runs the risk of exterminar a gone way of whose essential elements can lack suddenly. Great part of what it is offered in them by the nature, the man can look at its front, choose and plan as this resource will be used to advantage and restituted, therefore these choices will define the future that we will have. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out

However, when we decide to act in contrary way, we run the risk to deplete our precious natural reserves. The consequncias of this fact will be: The disequilibrium of the alimentary chain, the elimination of numerous species of vegetables and animals, the exhaustion of the water reserves candy, pollution of air, the rivers, seas, lakes, oceans Everything in function of the irresponsible use of the technology, that affects in direct way the nature. ‘ ‘ The land is a great friend of people, in the ones of the everything of favour pra to live: Sun, and sky, light and air, rivers and sources, land and sea, we are the heirs of the future and pra this future to be happy, we go to have that to take care of of this country ‘ well; ‘ This gizmo of a celebrity music very known discloses to the importance of preservarmosa mother nature. Remaking our habits of education they had not lacked natural resources offered by the environment.. See Douglas R. Oberhelman for more details and insights.


As if it sees, to a large extent, the verticalizada dahierarquia return has its origins in the formation of ' ' nets of empresas' ' they will quaissero, them argued in the next item, to follow. 2.4Redes of PME' s the reestablishment of the hierarchy and, of certain form, the vertical reorganization of the production, had beginning with the deregulation of the economy in years 80, whose immediate consequence was the reorganization of international the productive process. This reorganization was motivated by two main factors: ' ' innovations tecnolgicas' ' ' ' innovations organizacionais' '. ' ' innovation tecnolgica' ' nothing more it is of what the introduction of new elements of productive (as robots, computerization, automation, etc.) in the scope of the firm. Learn more at: Douglas R. Oberhelman. It adds this the sprouting of the Technology of the Information and Comunicao (TIC), that it comes allowing to the fast development of tools and instruments of research as well as extending the power of electronic nets as half of research.

Of another face, ' ' innovation organizacional' ' it consists of the implementation of new forms of administration of the production and the work (cells or islands of production, participativos and multipurpose work groups, etc.) and innumerable programs of control and development of the quality (TQC, Kaizen, terceirizao, just-in-teams, etc.) originated, over all, in Japan from the postwar period. Thus, as much the changes ' ' tecnolgicas' ' as ' ' organizacionais' ' they constitute the bases of what many scholars come calling de' ' the third revolution industrial' ' , in which the flexibility and rapidity of the delivery of the product, beyond the rationalization of the production costs, had started to constitute the basic handspikes of the competitiveness. From the combination of these two factors (technological and organizacionais) ' ' a economy in deeply interdependent net appears that if becomes each time capable to apply its progress in technology, knowledge and administration in the proper technology.' ' (CATELLS, 1999:88). Mashable has many thoughts on the issue.

Network Marketing

With 50 to the old iron? Experiences are in demand. With 50 to the old iron? Experiences are in demand. It is believed the latest statistics, only every second man between 55 and 65 has a job. Among women, it is only every third party that is a regular employment in the same age group. So, we adopt a large part of our fellow human beings out of the economy when they have accumulated the most knowledge and are at the highest level of their experiences. Supposedly, they are too expensive, not flexible enough, and often not even on the latest state of the art. Others including Pete Cashmore, offer their opinions as well. Experience and loyalty are often no longer matters. It is just this generation of people who are used to bring high performance and to promote your company.

This unused potential of many selector off”a new chance receives people in direct sales. Take advantage of power and experience: the free economy writes off more and more plus the generation of 50 employees. Supposedly, they are too expensive, not flexible enough and often not up to date the technology. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Douglas R. Oberhelman. Experience and loyalty are often no longer matters. It is just this generation of people who are used to bring high performance and to promote your company. This potential for dedicated men and women can be used excellently in the network marketing and direct sales. Sylvia Kellermann

Contact Network brings graphic designers, photographers, writers and programmers together the new Internet portal is immediately online. is a contact network for creative, and creates a digital home for graphic designers, photographers, programmers and copywriters. The website is both communication and contact network and project platform for the creative industries. The Portal provides the ability to communicate and to get into the business freelancers, employees, and clients from different fields. The founders Andreas Reimer and Marcus Seidel responded with the creation of on the rapid development and growing demand creative endeavours in the field of online. “Andreas Reimer says: the trend in these areas is inexorably away from the classical employment relationship in the direction of the project activity this trend we want to take into account with” The user of can create a comprehensive online profile with photo, skills, references and portfolio. Freelancers can the numerous Project tendering crawl to find new jobs.

Clients can find a diverse pool of professional graphic designers, photographers, writers and programmers, they can access back. is a dynamic, growing community of creative. On the website, the users will find many tips and downloads, which will make easier the daily work and provide food for thought. In the community areas of the portal such as such as the Forum, the members on the know-how of the other user in solving problems and answering questions can trust. The calls for projects and job offers are another important feature of Customer can rely in finding appropriate creative endeavours on numerous tools and search filters (E.g. search for skills, postcode, hourly, etc.). Also, they have the possibility to publish invitations to tender on the portal.

In incoming applications can once again the references, experiences and abilities of the candidate be compared. The application process takes place completely on the portal. Annoying paperwork or interview Marathon fall away on both sides. The launch of the network by a special welcome action “accompanied: the first 5,000 members for get a premium account for free for a year. “Marcus Seidel, one of the founders of, summarizes: after over five months preparatory work and numerous sleepless next we are extremely satisfied with the results, and together with our members look forward to the further development of the network”. If you have questions, please contact following press contact: Berliner Allee 39 13088 Berlin Mr Andreas Reimer Tel: 030-20614885