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Mobile Flat Rate To All Networks

Unlimited calls to all mobile networks. Who’s often on the phone with your mobile phone, need a good plan tailored for him. In the today’s confusing, it’s very difficult to find the appropriate fare for the customers. The mobile providers advertise different offers. From the free fare, which includes no monthly fee and no minimum sales also, until going to the complete mobile flat rate. Which is the really best fare now, linked to the user behaviour of the respective customer. The customer on the phone occasionally, a rate no fee and no minimum sales advantage is probably. Phone the customer, however, much in the mobile radio network, as well as in the German fixed network, a mobile flat rate Netzintern the best variant would be.

There, all conversations in the mobile radio network, as well as in the German fixed network are covered for a monthly flat rate. It is for already 15 euros monthly, possible such a mobile Flatrate for purchase. Who’s on the phone however much in all mobile phone networks, as well as in the German fixed network, should After a mobile flat rate to all networks look. As the name suggests, here all conversations in the mobile radio network as well as in other mobile networks are covered. Of course also the German landline to count. Often, customers who have booked a mobile flat rate to all networks, get Additionally an SMS Flatrate. Some providers offer monthly up to 3000 SMS. The cost of such a flat rate are very high compared to the mobile flat rate Netzintern. From 65 EUR per month up to 119 euros are for a such mobile flat rate possible. However, all discussions except special numbers are there really covered. Christopher Heinsius

Container Tracking Prevents Theft

The new container tracking of HIMATIC GmbH protects the range of HIMATIC GmbH, Meerbusch round theft new devices for the detection of the container off. Many companies in the waste and recycling sector know the problem that entire container be stolen not only goods from the containers, but some. The more valuable goods, the greater is the likelihood that goods or whole container fall victim to thieves. In the containers, raw materials for several thousand euros are part, which means that the damage can be enormously. The biggest challenge for a container tracking is the power supply. Since most containers have no internal power source, remains just the way via batteries or batteries.

Is important, that the batteries as long as possible and work reliably and the appliances consume less energy. Here the Meerbuscher telematics HIMATIC company has a container location in the program now with the HC2000, that without power up to 3 years reliably position sends the data to a Web platform. Through a individual configuration can decide the customer intervals at which he would like to have the information. The integrated motion detector sends an SMS to a previously defined telephone number when unwanted activities and switches from the sleep mode in the locate mode. Thus can be guaranteed, that the current position is transferred at any time in case of a possible theft and in due time appropriate measures taken.

In addition to the traditional container tracking, the device also for the detection of construction machinery, trailers, can be use transport containers, containers of construction of or other movable goods. The device comes with an IP65 housing incl. batteries, mounting base and mobile wireless card and is configured ready for installation. The installation can be made by means of screws, rivets or an optional magnet and guarantees a firm seating. An installation instructions, as well as the necessary mounting materials are supplied with the unit. Give thieves a chance to steal their property and protect your belongings and goods with the HC2000 of HIMATIC GmbH HIMATIC GmbH R. from anitha Abraham

YoungBrandAwards 2011

Premiere: Germany’s youth chose for the first time most popular brands almost 10,000 participants in country-wide online-voting big award ceremony in MU? nchen Haribo, Apple and Audi the three top brands Germany’s youth and young adults ku? ren their most popular brands: with this idea almost 10,000 participants aged 13 to 29 from across Germany mobilized dieYoungcomBrandAwards already at the first attempt. In particular through intensive social media activities? ten found that the MU? Giesing market research – and BeratungsagenturYoungcom initiated Internet action that ku? incorporating Yes? annually held high inlet. From May to October of this year past online voting were more than 100 brands took to the Auswahl.Vertreter of the winner brands their respective YoungBrandAward in the context of a Youth Marketing Conference in October in MU? nchen contrary. Triple win fu? r Apple survey results are a true who-is-who of German brand landscape. “In the category of car and motorcycle” such as Audi (Auto), Yamaha (motor scooter) and BMW (motorcycle) took the first PLA? tze.

“Bionade (soft drink), Granini (fruit juice), and VOLVIC (water) ra? did in the category of drinks” the foremost PLA? sets off. Apple won in the category of electric”with the fields of computer, cell phone and mp3 player just three first PLA? records; other winners were here Canon (digital camera), e-plus (wireless service provider) and Samsung (TVs). Ku in the fashion of cutting-edge brands? gardens Germany’s teenagers and young adults of Levi’s (jeans), adidas (sports brand generally), H & M (fashion-store), and fossil (PM) as their respective number one. Haribo General top brand number one bank could u? ber the winning title Bank offers in the area; as more financial services brands, LBS (Bausparkasse), AOK (health insurance), as well as Allianz (insurance) won the respective top placement in their area. “Ben & Jerry’s (ice cream), Landliebe (yogurt), Haribo (Su? reliability General) and children (chocolate) occupied the Siegerpla? records in the category food”.

Bizerba Bizerba

Only when the entire transport chain avoiding changes in temperature, the quality of the goods is ensured. The TTI system label is a signal generator for wrong storage and transport temperature (time temperature indicator). It works on the basis of a color, which is charged with UV light. The more light is used, the longer the discharge runs. In the envelope of a deep blue takes place up to the Colorlessness faster, depending on the ambient temperature is higher.

Suppliers and dealers can re close on the basis of the colour saturation on the storage and transport temperature of products and if necessary directly reject it. A UV filter prevents that the labels can be recharged again. About Bizerba L & C that plant labels and consumables in Bochum has based Bizerba over more than 25 years of experience in the manufacture of labels, adhesives and laminates. There are now three production sites in the world and it holds a board seat at the VskE (Association of manufacturers of label) and the UPU (Association paper). Bizerba L & C is considered as an innovative company in the field of system solutions, labels and labelling technology.

Customers are food manufacturing establishments, retail, logistics companies and machinery manufacturers (tagging systems), global managed. In addition to the connection to the parent company (Bizerba), there is an in-house production of laminates (label base material), which is a special feature of the industry. Bizerba Bizerba is a worldwide operating, leading in many areas solution providers for professional system solutions of weighing, labelling, information and food service technology in the segments retail, food industry, manufacturing and logistics. Industry-specific hardware and software, powerful network-compatible management systems, as well as a wide range of labels, consumables and business services ensure the transparent control of integrated business processes and the high availability of Bizerba-specific performance characteristics. Worldwide, Bizerba is present with 41 shareholdings in 23 countries and 54 country offices in over 120 countries. Headquarters of the company, which employs about 3,000 people, is Balingen; further production sites are located in Messkirch, Bochum, Vienna (Austria), Pfaffikon (Switzerland), Milan (Italy), Shanghai (China), Forest Hill (United States) and San Luis Potosi (Mexico). Contact: Bizerba GmbH & co. KG Claudia Gross Director global marketing & communication Wilhelm-herbal-Strasse 65 D-72336 Balingen phone + 49 7433 12-33 00 fax + 49 7433 12-5 33 00 E-Mail: network integrated communication Patrick Schroeder Coburg road 3 53113 Bonn phone + 49 228 620 43 84 fax + 49 228 620 44 75 E-Mail:

New With Quality And Service Standards In The Profession Define

Turning against the dusty image of a craft business is now in Berlin. With many new ideas and so far completely new service now blowing a fresh wind in the craft. Berlin, 29.09.2010 – the stable images in the mind of each one of us are too traditional, as it’s in a workshop. Yet reach the cliches of old-fashioned up there too inflexible. But these stereotypes no longer agree. Today’s craft is more than the simple”handicraft business 30 years ago. Modern craft offers more. The innovative and service-oriented entrepreneur is more demand in addition to latest technologies such as 3D computer planning and new ideas.

Turn against the dusty image of the craft at Sadler & partners in Berlin. There, quick response to email belongs as well as latest innovation. We want to develop into the most innovative craft operating in whole Germany. This together with our employees, we develop constantly new ideas and want to convey to our customers a completely new picture of a handicraft business. Here, we define new Standards of quality and service”says Oliver Scharfenberg who holds the management in the company. This family-run, much more is available in addition to the interactive online appointment.

So the customers over a five-year-old premium can look forward as guarantee, as of a fixed price guarantee. We offer also the complete renovation of real estate from one source in addition to the construction management. During a visit to clear and comprehensible offers be free created and advise the customer individually. Before moving into his new apartment the customer provides this already in the 3D computer model. Of course the staff are now fitted with modern Tablet PCs to come so quickly to the customer and to have all important data always. Press contact: Sadler & partners S & P interior design and real estate services UG (haftungsbeschrankt) Malchin road 123 B 12359 Berlin contact: Oliver Scharfenberg telephone: 030 74769-198

Optimized Online Shop

Modern and clear Web presence including Reseller Portal Schorndorf, August 10, 2011 – the Internet presence of the sysob IT-distribution ( presents itself now in modern look & feel. For the relaunch of the VAD emphasised more overview and an improved user experience. In the future, interested by an intuitive handling, more detailed information about the individual manufacturers will benefit, as well as to sysob itself. In addition, the redesigned reseller portal offers future extensive product descriptions and ordering with just a few clicks of the mouse the IT specialist. With the modernized website a clear source of information provides sysob now interested and partners around the clock. In particular, the restructuring and revision of content, the page structure, as well as the online store was in focus of the optimization work. Now, all manufacturers and their products are clearly listed and described in detail. In addition, images and videos provide additional insight.

About also, the page structure has been greatly simplified. For example, all services of sysob IT distribution in different categories are described briefly but intelligibly. Also area social media is sysob time: all posts, information, as well as the site itself can be linked directly from the corresponding icons with the own Facebook (via “like” button) or Twitter account. Furthermore, the possibility to a RSS feed subscription. The RSS channel providing a news ticker news similar to the addressee. The user remains so over all sysob themes to date.

Informative online shop interested in future fast information about the sysob online Academy and the in-house training centers for its IT dealers on a click. In addition the press area designed clearer, to inform journalists & co. news. On the home page a link to the online portal for resellers located right now. After a short registration offers this area IT dealers for consumer, product descriptions and price lists including conditions, extensive data sheets, product images, descriptions, direct accessories links and realtime article availability display detailed manufacturer price lists with stock. The features of the new sysob website at a glance: new Reseller Portal improved page structure detailed data sheets and price lists for products realtime article availability display with stock optimized news – and press-service direct Facebook and Twitter links RSS feed subscriptions possible company description in brief: sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG which is sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG itself as a value added distributor, with more than 600 partners in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland on the sales of IT security -., Trafficmanagement-, wireless LAN and Serverbased computing products specializes. As one of the leading “value added” distributors (VAD) provides a wide range of sysob future-proof solutions ready. For the channel, the service concept of “super value add” offers additional professional services. The specially established Division “Sysob IT-service & support” is responsible for the technical advice, support and training of the reseller.

Web Z-Wave

Insignia into new cTV series Z-Wave wireless system users a Z-Wave wireless home network can control their home control devices via the TV in the future. So, insignia, renowned developers of entertainment products, has recently integrated the Z-Wave wireless technology in its new cTV series on television. This have the Z-Wave chip maker Sigma Designs and insignia announced. The insignia remote control of the cTV series enables the user, all compatible devices in the smart home directly across the television screen to select, to see their status and to control them. The Z-Wave technology has become as affordable, reliable, and user-friendly de facto wireless standard the smart home market established.

All Z-Wave certified products are interoperable and easy to install. The user allows the establishment of a home control network to devices from various technical fields, like for example lighting elements, air conditioning, entertainment devices, health care, energy management or security systems. He can Users now choose among more than 500 interoperable devices for indoor and outdoor use. Now the TV as the central control unit for home control devices is added with insignia as a partner. The integration of the Z-Wave technology in insignia remotes or TV allows the smart home residents to use the menu on the TV via a radio range of up to 30 meters and to control other Z-Wave components. While the Z-Wave remote control of the cTV series sparks bi-directional, which means that the user gets direct feedback, whether his radio command arrived, he should have no visual contact with the respective device. Thinh Tran, CEO and Chairman of Sigma Designs commented: “we are pleased to cooperate with a well-known and strong partners such as insignia.

The integration of Z-Wave in TV expands the possibilities for our users and underscores the versatility of our technology.” Insignia is the exclusive brand of online stores best buy. The product portfolio of the company includes including TV, Blu-ray players, home cinema solutions and other audio devices. Insignia products are available at best buy and future shop and online at or. for more information,. Company description about Sigma Designs, Inc. Sigma Designs, Inc. (NASDAQ: SIGM) is a worldwide leader in the field of connected media platforms. The company designs and makes essential semiconductor technologies as a basis for global distributed IPTV set-top boxes, connected Media Player, gateways, home control systems u.v.m… More info on Sigma Designs at. About Z-Wave Z-Wave is the first technology that allows an affordable, reliable, and easy to use wireless control of every aspect of daily life – from home, consumer electronics, HealthCare, and energy, to name only a few. Z-Wave is an award-winning, proven and interoperable wireless mesh-networking technology, a wide range of devices in the and around the House allows the communication. These include lighting, appliances, HVAC, entertainment and security systems. Z-Wave enriched daily life to many advantages such as remote home monitoring, home health care and maintenance, safety and energy savings. Z-Wave certified products are currently available in around 450 products from leading consumer brands around the world. For more information about Z-Wave under:. Company contact: Sigma Designs, Inc.

Switzerland Basel

Hostel JBN is the first backpackers hostel in the canton’s capital and its nice combination of espresso bar and uncomplicated guest house. In the heart of Chur’s nightlife, the ‘GEETA’ is located between restaurants, bars, clubs and even a bowling alley and is very stylish. Interlaken is one of the most popular destinations in Switzerland for skiing; It’s the meeting point of the adventure activity scene. Three world-famous peaks Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau make it paradise for anybody who loves skiing and snowboarding! But Interlanke is so beautiful in the summer; the city is situated between two lakes, Lake Thun and Lake Brienz a unique place. And Interlaken is the number one resort in Europe for adventure and fun! Stay in backpackers Villa Sonnenhof hotel and enjoy the fabulous nature and exciting adventure possibilities! Villa Sonnenhof is the perfect base for those looking for the comfort and convenience of a centrally located hostel that provides just that little extra. With accommodation ranging from dorms to double rooms and located in its own garden, it offers everything you could desire to make your stay really enjoyable.

You will get a free breakfast and clean linen, uses of self catering kitchen and Wi-Fi. It’s really cool place to discover Switzerland with backpack! Don’t miss backpacker trip in Switzerland Basel on you. Basel is located at the elbow of the Rhine on the borders of France and Germany, and is the most cosmopolitan and open-minded city in Switzerland. The oldest university in Switzerland (1460) makes the city popular with students and Basel offers a vibrant night life. Stay in YMCA hostel Basel and enjoy its modern facilities; free internet (terminal and wireless), free ticket for all public transportation in Basel, kitchen, laundry room with washing machine and tumbler, TV room and even chill-out room. Switzerland has a lot of amazing regions, and in every city or town you will find friendly and cheap of Backpacker’s hostels and in each hostel you have the possibility to book additional outdoor activities! Enjoy Switzerland!

Caterpillar BM Volvo

Mudslinging: Tractors against ultra-mud Kempten, January 2010. Tractors stuck up to the steering wheel in the mud, mud whomsoever the harvester tractors pull a winch from the swamp: tractors in extreme situations. Already some trekkers in the wet land is literally wallowed despite all-wheel drive. “The country technology video mudslinging the movie” agricultural video shows how tractors and forestry machinery yet again prevail in such mud battle situations. This fight”in this mud-slinging vintage tractors as well as modern tractors and modern country. The Trac Marshall tractors from the 1960s is trying to pull a BM Volvo tractor out of the mud. The half Caterpillar BM Volvo 350 safety logs with additional chain fights against the swamp. The film shows the tractors in appearing hopeless situations but in the end succeeds tugs but always, to get back on dry ground.

“Grubbing-up work, a harvester gets stuck: the small forestry device Terri again attracts over 30 tons to country”. Lars Svenson, the owner of Terri, reveals the trick: using return pulleys, in this case of tree stumps, his rope winch gets out the harvester. In the peat bog, the mud bath is pre-programmed for each tractor: the film shows a Hitachi ex 135 in use. The track has a width of 180 cm this device. The country technology video shows case, a MAN tractor, Unimog, many Volvo tractors, several harvester and a homemade tractor with 300 HP in the fight against mud and swamp. High point is a mud tractor slalom in Sweden: with full purpose of a Fordson Trekker and a BM Volvo 350 drive tractor in the wet field here. Repeatedly stuck the tractors in the mud, a modern CLAAS Tractor pulls out of the Volvo. At the end, the Volvo wins this spectacular mud-slinging.

A trailer for the film can film Verlag wk & f to be seen: schlammschlacht.html which wk & f communication GmbH is a film Publisher with over 600 DVD titles. Important areas are special interest topics such as tractors, agricultural machinery, motor sports, fire and garden. About 25 new movie titles appear every year. The film publishing house produced the title with its own film production in HD quality.

Contactless Technology

The new generation of interactive (mannequin) advertising was touch screen yesterday, Touchless is today! “As the CEO of NEWROOM MEDIA GmbH Lars stage.” The Cologne-based company has one of the most innovative advertising media in the showcase marketing on the market brought the air touch window. For the BASE of the ePlus Group brand, for example, an interactive game of snowboard shops in Essen and Dusseldorf was mid-November successfully installed. The air touch window allows maximum interactivity and precise measurement of success parameters about the non-contact technology. The non-contact technology of air touch window works by a foil bonding which is used as a projection screen for the corresponding content. With an infrared camera, the movements of passers-by are then converted into actions.

So can product information is presented in a fun way or attention-getting effects, both auditive and Visual, are raised. Even a targeted approach is possible, because the system predefined features, as, for example, male or female, are different, and accordingly deposited content play. But an advantage of air touch Windows, but also the precise measurement of success is not only the interaction and the strong communication with the target group. By factors such as eye contact, retention period can the success and efficiency of advertising and promotions be measured and compared. The applications of air touch window range of promotions to permanent storefront design. But a use at trade fairs and events is also possible due to the simple Assembly and disassembly. Through the simple and uncomplicated exchange (Web-based) the contents of the digital showcase is adjusted repeatedly on all conditions, such as the introduction of a new product line of. There are no limits to the imagination when creating the content.

Games, movies, effects, images and animated posters can be integrated in the interaction.