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Especially the need to bring them to their attention to fans in the interior of post-modernism and hi-tech. There is also a technique Casting, known here as "Murano glass". For the stained-glass windows from casting him in metal form at the bottom of which is embossed grooves. In these deeper poured molten colored glass, which is then covered with a layer of transparent glass. But unlike the glass in the technique of "sintering" drawing on "Murano glass" is limited to the metallic form, with which it was manufactured. Stained glass in the art of engraving sandblasting on glass and mirror glass is not thicker than 5 mm, on which several layers of deposited pattern. With this method, you can create a matted picture or make the glass glubokorelefnuyu structure.

This allows for all sorts of glass paintings, inscriptions. Most work done by this method is associated with songs on the "flower-grape theme, you can also paint and abstract shapes. This stained glass window is ideal for interior design in a classic style. Next to the sophisticated technology of the present stained glass can now be found the technique of film or varnish psevdovitrazha psevdovitrazh. These stained glass windows are not durable and does not bring joy in the interior.

The latest technology of glass production significantly increased the possibilities of functional the use of stained glass. Along with the usual use of stained glass as a filling aperture, increasingly began to see ways in which glass is used in the most unpredictable ways: as an inlay ceilings, as separates the space of partitions, screens, how to design plafonds, sconces, as inserts in furniture (cupboards, cabinets) or countertops, or as a decoration of the premises, in the form of panels or even solid surfaces. Modern stained glass designed for electric lighting, which greatly expanded the possibilities of its application in architecture – not only in the windows, but in the interior partitions and suspended ceilings. Wide application double-glazed windows in modern building necessitated the introduction of modern technology through stained glass piece, a special colored laminate and lead profile of different sections. Stained glass, collected for this technology, outwardly indistinguishable from the classic and can not only be used in the restoration, but also to create the effect of antiquity. Because of its light transmission, the plane of the stained glass can be beautiful intake zoning does not violate the integrity of the perception of space. Especially worth noting that only capable of creating stained glass in the interior of a particular medium of light, volatile and unpredictable game color. Stained glass is unthinkable without the light, so the ability of glass scatter light, not absorb it, you can create in the interior with stained glass unusual colors.

Create Your Own Website

On a personal homepage will now no way around more. A website will allow you to present yourself, your club or your company throughout the world. We present below the main elements of a web hosting plan, and show you how to find the right provider. The main ingredients for creating a homepage are the following: * A domain registration (eg). This is the address of your website and it is important that this is possible, memorable and meaningful. Although cost domains of money, but only with your own domain is your site too seriously. Moreover, in almost all major providers free website domains in the site-packages included.

* Space: The contents of your site must be stored somewhere, and therefore you really need space.

How much of it you need depends on the type and size of your website. In principle, one can say that in the era of Web 2.0 with his videos, photo galleries and multimedia applications more and more Web space is needed. * Bandwidth / Transfer: This value is in general is measured in megabytes or even gigabytes, and states how many files can be viewed or downloaded on your homepage. So if you eg create a home page, on which two images are displayed with 20 KB and 10 KB for text, so the total size of this website 20 + 10 = 30 KB. If now 10 visitors to your site look just this side so you will need a transfer volume of 10 x 30KB = 300 KB. For both storage and bandwidth is the way: If you ever get to the limit set by your host, this is usually not a problem. Additional storage space and extra transfer volume can be easily and conveniently order mostly right at any time.

* Design Wizard: If you employ to create for the first time with the theme “My Home”, you probably can not use HTML and have no desire to be appropriate only for months in programming languages or software incorporate. Fortunately, the site providers have realized that most of your customers are not computer geniuses, and need a simple way to create your website. For this reason, almost all companies nowadays offer a so-called “website builder” or “at WebBuilder. These are tools that create without programming knowledge and in a few minutes your own homepage on the Internet can publish.

These four points should be your next to the price the most important selection criteria when choosing a web hosting provider. Experienced users will also value based on criteria such as availability of databases, create opportunity to use their own scripts, or abundance of free marketing supplied functions (such as free software).


The middle class draws the opportunities through BI often didn’t come out because the implementation caused a lot of time and costs. STAS CONTROL companies in the implementation of SAP BusinessObjects proven to save money. Enormous potential offers, Wang software services alone by about 1,000 existing customers to deploy our solution”forward Bernd Wenninger, Managing Director sales at STAS. Also in the consulting, I see considerable potential through the cooperation. With the experts by Windhoff software services we gain more skills for our own projects, because we can access BusinessObjects consultants of the new partner back at bottlenecks with a good conscience on the experienced SAP.” The cooperation is already well begun. Various sales and marketing activities are in preparation. So, STAS CONTROL at the annual user conference was presented BI vision 2011 in late March at the Schloss Montabaur.

A joint road show the locations of the Windhoff in Germany is planned for the next few months. A review of BI vision 2011 can be found under: about the Wang Software Services GmbH of Wang software services with locations in Gescher (Headquarters), Hamburg, Stuttgart, Wiesbaden, Amberg, and supports customers with innovative software solutions since 1997. The strengths include among other things a wide know-how, qualified tool knowledge and the claim to solve any complex task. The company combines its expertise in four centres of excellence: business intelligence, IT management, software engineering, and enterprise content management. The IT service provider accompanied its customers through the complete software life-cycle. Consulting, analysis, design or technical implementation: when Wang, the customers will receive all services from a single source. The Wang software services team offers extensive experience and adapted early on new technologies, about 75 employees in Europe are available. Wang software services advises and supports well-known companies or organisations from the middle class and the wholesale segment.

Miele, includes LOTTO Sachsen-Anhalt, Sennheiser, toll collect or Volkswagen. About STAS GmbH STAS GmbH was founded in 1991 with headquarters in Reilingen, close to the Grand Prix circuit of Hockenheim, has 60 employees, is active in the German-speaking countries and represented since 2008 with its own subsidiary in Austria. Under the brand name of STAS CONTROL develops and distributes STAS turnkey business software solutions (BI, CPM) for planning, analysis and control of medium-sized companies. Thanks to quick-start warranty for introducing risk-free in the sectors of industry, automotive, banking / financial services, wholesale trade and services the company has successfully established itself in the medium-sized businesses. About 800 customers such prestigious companies such as banner include batteries, BBS rims, ELTA electronic devices, Faller model toys, Felina lingerie, Gloria Feuerloschsysteme, HeidelbergCement, Hermann Pfanner drinks, IWC watch manufacturer, Mitsubishi Electric, Truma Geratetechnik and about 50 cooperative banks. SME-friendly Reilinger specialist A wholly owned subsidiary of Ulm group FRITZ & orbit is controlling solutions since early 2008: INFOMA and thus part of the Dutch technology group of Imtech N.V. Your press contacts STAS GmbH Carl-Bosch-Strasse 12 68799 Reilingen Franziska Schulze Tel: + 49 6205 306-125 fax: + 49 6205 306-200 STAS GmbH Maria-Theresia-Strasse 51 4600 WELS Tel: + 43 7242 9396 4120 fax: + 43 7242 9396 4029 Peter Kemptner power marketing Andrea Drescher Tel: + 43 7279 8544

Sysob And M86 Against Calculated A Malware Acceptance In Companies

Surprisingly, 49 percent but said that to calculate the risk of vulnerabilities as a business risk. SWG accepts no vulnerabilities M86 and sysob show on the it-sa, that one must not accept these vulnerabilities, but can prevent with a professional solution. M86 security’s secure Web gateway (SWG) are available from sysob as appliances, software or SaS. Their distinguishing feature is that they identify known and emerging malware types–from virus, Trojans, rootkits, etc. – in real time. This is done based on a developed and patented by M86 code analysis. You prevent digital threats via security vulnerabilities from entering the corporate network and sensitive mission-critical data from come to hand.

M86 security solutions analyze each individual fragment of Web content and block malicious attacks, even if they are hidden within the SSL data transfers. According to the individual requirements of different sizes of business are the M86 SWG appliances in several Versions available. However, any and all solutions characterized by features such as URL filtering, Web 2.0 security, anti-malware, anti-virus, SSL-inspection, data leakage prevention, content caching and application control. Secure E-Mail and Web traffic with the M86 Marshal comprehensive live insight into the Marshal solutions also provides visitors of M86. Meanwhile, the damage caused by spyware, malware or crimeware on double-digit billions totaled. This is to prevent professional security solutions such as MailMarshal and WebMarshal. MailMarshal protects the email users from dangers that can occur when the sending and receiving of electronic messages.

WebMarshal ensures reliable protection features while accessing the Internet pages. Both solutions are designed in particular for the protection of small and medium-sized companies with up to 500 users. The products work rule based and offer also integrating additional security solutions such as, for example, URL-filter or Antivirus software. Similarly, the Marshal bundles offered by M86 new are interesting for retailers such as the end user: the end user receives a best-of-breed solution that effectively protects against current attacks from the Internet, while the dealer has the opportunity to gain advantages over the competition in the long term with new promising security solutions.

International Group

The presented bottle packaging in various sizes and formats, a secure shipping and transport offer, aroused the interest of the public. During the two-day fair saw the multi-member Rajapack team, which consisted of sales and multi channel marketing staff, a total of over 500 contacts and inquiries, which are analysed and processed after the fair. It was already very concrete issues to specific packaging problems. We are extremely satisfied with the response of the visitors”, explains Schonfeld, who values personal contact very at trade fairs. In direct talks we can exactly to the questions and needs of our customers go up and advise you as well.” In addition to the wide range of packaging solutions provided an online memory game with packaging products also entertaining entertainment Rajapack booth. Aim of the game was to assign the right packaging solution to an everyday product, for example, of a book. Among all participants, an Apple iPad2 gave each away Raja Pack on two days of the fair. Digital marketing is gaining the world’s third edition of the dmexco was already fully booked with a total 440 exhibitors from all over the world in advance.

Thanks to a growth of stand bookings from abroad worldwide by 50 percent, the proportion of international exhibitors increased to 19 percent. In addition to the growing number of visitors shows also the current online report 2011/2 “of the online-Vermarkterkreises (OVK), which was presented at the dmexco that digital marketing is increasingly gaining in importance. Hence comes the German online advertising market this year at EUR 6.23 billion and achieved an increase of 16 percent over the previous year. Schonfeld explains the range of e-commerce is an important business field, we want to further expand for us”. “Our trade fair appearance at the dmexco was an important step: we have made here not only numerous promising contacts, but also as a competent partner for packaging solutions in the area of e-commerce presents us.” About Rajapack r Pack GmbH is the German subsidiary International Group of RAJA. The French group of companies offers a total 500,000 customers first-class solutions and numerous products for packaging and shipping. Ten Logistics Center allow with over 160,000 square meters of warehouse space, ordered goods within 24/48 hours in fourteen countries in Europe to deliver. With approximately 1300 employees, the RAJA group generated an annual turnover of 300 million euros in 2010. More than 5,000 innovative packaging solutions with an optimal price/performance ratio can be found in the current range. The company, based in Birkenfeld attaches particular importance to its comprehensive customer service, commitment to environmental protection, as well as a professional wholesale service. Press contact Katrin hunger r Pack GmbH Goethestrasse 47 75217 Birkenfeld telephone: 0180 / 5 306 307 E-Mail:

Before Place Cat Care

The better alternative to cat boarding house “where only with our cat when we are on vacation?” “Who cares about my Schnurrer, if I’m on a business trip?” “What will my cat when I must soon in the hospital?” Cat owner surely know these questions, because the solution only in very few cases is so simple. Some people may have even an acquaintance or friend who looks like a cat during the absence of own. But what if this should go two or three weeks? The patience of acquaintances is often at the end. Are offered as a solution for the problem actually two Vorangehensweisen: a preliminary on-site support of the cat by a cat sitter or the classic cat pension. Both alternatives are presented below. 1 cat boarding house cat bed and breakfast have a mixed reputation – often not necessarily wrong.

Every cat owner in the clear should be about one: his animal is a strong area-bound creature who prefer inside and out knows his environment and every day on a fixed basis ‘expire’ or controlled. To be restricted in foreign surroundings, in a confined space (at least in comparison to the local station) with many other kind that only the very few cats like. The following problems are common in cat accommodation and should not be underestimated: sensitive cats do return often traumatized from the pension–one more and the other less. But hardly anyone staying pass without leaving a trace. Only the very few cats put away easily. By the large number of cats, it is the nurses sometimes hardly possible to make sure all the cats that get enough food.

The risk of infection with diseases and epidemics exists even if all cats have the required vaccinations. Minor injuries by other katzsiche roommates are an outdated and hardly any animal-oriented model of cat care quite often is the matter objectively and rated the classic cat pension. 2. the preliminary on-site support by a cat sitter this form of cat care there in the private as well as in the commercial sector. Prerequisite There is a serious, experienced cat sitter for a satisfied cat. An introductory conversation always helps to be able to assess the opposite. The benefits of prior place cat care are pretty obvious: the animal remains in its ancestral environment it will continue to receive the usual Chuck and retains his rhythm comes the cat sitter twice a day, cuddling, playing and grooming every day are earmarked. Cat owner should look at the terms and conditions and prices/services especially for commercial providers. Also the best cat sitter can not replace the “own people” but often not easy time help across the cat at least about this for them. Thomas Lang Munich, 23.09.2011


At least with firmware 4.0.1, the quality of reception does not drop so easily. Apple has a program of free shipping for Bumpers (covers) to users who request it. The Bumper completely covers the antenna on the side and avoids touching the active part of the antennas, especially in the area where the 3 G and Wifi antennas meet. Another way to attack the problem of the antenna, which in practice we have not been able to reproduce in a systematic manner during the tests, is using the fantastic headset that came with the device. In fact, iPhone invites to use it both as a media player, such as Smartphone as a phone. And respond or make a call using the hands libes is an extremely comfortable experience, comparing with the fact of being holding the terminal with one hand stuck to the ear. The sound quality is also high. Another difficulty that makes the iPhone at a disadvantage to other mobile solutions rente is the lack of integration between the applications installed and the resources of the terminal.

An example is Facebook: after installing the application, if a photo is made from the camera of the terminal, a direct option does not appear to share that image on social networks like Facebook. If the shipping option to Mobilime, or mail, but not to other networks that they had integrated through applications of third parties available on the App Store. RIM, without going any further, is far ahead in this section, with an exceptional integration of applications with the operating system and terminal hardware resources. In another order of things, it is also curious that Aplle removed not an iPhone 4 model with 64 GB instead of 32 GB or 16 GB, which are the capabilities available at the time of the launch. And the model in white will still have to wait.

And no, requesting that a model that iPhone with physical keyboard has Qwerty in the future. The possibility of connecting Bluetooth wireless keyboards compensates for this deficiency in a certain way, but a physical keyboard has no rival when typing texts and emails long. What you can expect from IPhone 4 Tal and as it is, iPhone 4 with iOS4, is a product mainly round. It is a SmartPhone where the telephony side is only one of its many facets. As a media player is exceptional, with a quality for audio, video and images hardly matched by other competing products. It is also a winning product, with an almost incredible processing power as a minicomputer. Edit video from the terminal is only an example. It is expected to improve interoperability between third party applications and the terminal, to the height of other solutions as the RIM (Blackberry). And also that Mobilime will continue to evolve in their integration with the iPhone terminals from the point of view of the cloud. Above all, that there is some free mode offered in all terminals, even then if modalities Premium. It is logical that improvements in subsequent updates of the operating system enter, and already is spoken even releases of new handsets for next year, both a new iPhone as a smaller iPad. Since then, the trend is the make of Smartphones devices connected and installed in one way or another in the cloud. Apple is investing. An own search (spotlight?), the advertisement iAds, or Mobilime-related online services platform are possibly tangible projects. Since then, iPhone 4 is an excellent hardware to implement any technology deployment for mobility.